Game Theory, Optimal Stopping, Probability and Statistics: Papers in Honor of Thomas S. Ferguson

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IMS, 2000 - Mathematics - 324 pages
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Page 245 - G. Di Battista. P. Eades. R. Tamassia. and IG Tollis. Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs.
Page 151 - Feingold, E., PO Brown, and D. Siegmund (1993) Gaussian models for genetic linkage analysis using complete high resolution maps of identityby-descent, Am. J. Hum. Genet. 53: 234-251.
Page 245 - BERRY, B. HENDRICKSON, AND P. RAGHAVAN, Sparse matrix reordering schemes for browsing hypertext, in Lectures in Applied Mathematics Vol.
Page 248 - A nonlinear mapping for data structure analysis," IEEE Transactions on Computers C-18, pp.
Page 68 - Additive comparisons of stop rule and supremum expectations of uniformly bounded independent random variables, Proc.
Page 53 - Two players (the ,, prophet" and the gambler) observe a uniformly bounded stochastic process (Xs)seS- The prophet's maximal expected gain E(sups€S Xs) is compared with the maximal expected gain supT EXT of the gambler who is restricted to use stopping rules T. Games against a prophet are two-person zero-sum games where the prophet picks the distribution and the gambler chooses a stopping rule. To obtain minimax-theorems for these games one has to admit mixed or randomized stopping rules. It is...
Page 51 - The Existence of Good Markov Strategies for Decision Processes with General Payoffs,
Page 81 - A secretary problem with uncertain employment when the number of offers is restricted.
Page 292 - Cabilio, P. and Robbins, H. (1975). Sequential estimation of p with squared relative error loss.
Page 294 - Vardi, Y. (1979b). Asymptotic optimal sequential estimation: the Poisson case. Ann. Statist. 7, 1040-1051. Wald, A. (1951). Asymptotic minimax solutions of sequential point estimation problems.