A Complete Pronouncing Dictionary of the English and Slovene Languages for General Use

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Tisk Ameriške domovine, 1919 - English language - 273 pages
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Page 272 - slay sleep slide sling slink slit smell smite sow speak speed spell spend spill spin spit...
Page 272 - ... shut sung sunk sat slain slept slid slidden slung slunk slit smelt* smitten sown* spoken sped spelt* spent spilt* spun spit split spread sprung stood stolen stuck stung stunk strewn stridden struck strung striven strown sworn swept swollen* 273 Present.
Page 272 - Spell, mis-, rang, rose, rung, *ris, rived, run, sawed, rung, risen, riven, run, sawn, said, seen, sought, sodden, sold, sent, set, shaken, shapen, shaven, shorn, shed, shewn, shone, shod, shot, shown, shred, shrunken, shut, *sungen, sunken, *sitten, slain, slept, slidden, slung, slunk, slit, smelt, smitten, sown, spoken, sped, spelt, ran, sawed.
Page 271 - Present abide arise awake be bear beat begin bend bereave beseech bet bid bind bite bleed blow break breed bring build burn burst buy Can...
Page 271 - ... bidden bound bitten bled blown broken bred brought built burnt* burst bought cast caught chid, chidden chosen cleft, cloven clung clad* come cost crept cut dared dealt dug* dipt* done drawn dreamt* drunk driven dwelt* eaten forbid forecast forego foresee foretell forget forgive forsake forswear freezt...
Page 272 - Saw Say See Seek Seethe Sell Send Set Shake Shall Shape Shave Shear Shed Shine Shoe Shoot Show Shred Shrink Shut Sing Post.
Page 271 - ... get gild gird give go grind grow hang have hear heave hew hide hit hold hurt Inlay...
Page 271 - ... hang have hear heave hew hide hit hold hurt keep kneel knit know lade lay lead lean leap learn leave lend let lie...
Page 271 - ... kept knelt * knit* known laden * laid led leant* leapt* learnt * left lent let lain bid gotten Irregular verbs, light — thrust 240 Present Imperfect Participle.
Page 272 - ... sawed said saw sought sod* sold sent set shook should shaped shaved shore* shed shewed shone* shod shot showed shred shrunk, shrank shrove...

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