An Impartial History of the Late Revolution in France: From Its Commencement to the Death of the Queen, and the Execution of the Deputies of the Gironde Party, Volume 2

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M. Carey, 1794 - Calendar, Republican - 507 pages

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Page 528 - Assembly commits the deposit of it to the fidelity of the legislative body, of the king, and of the judges, to the vigilance of fathers of families, to wives and to mothers, to the attachment of young citizens, to the courage of all Frenchmen.
Page 504 - If the prefumptive heir be a minor ; the relation of full age, and next in order to the regency, is bound to refide within the kingdom. In cafe of his going out of it, and not returning on the requifition of the legiflative body, he mall be held to have abdicated his right to the regency.
Page 395 - The national convention declare, in the name of the French nation, that they will grant fraternity and assistance to all those people who wish to procure liberty.
Page 522 - N. (the name of the king) by the grace of God, and by the constitutional law of the state, King of the French, to all present and to come, greeting. The tribunal of has passed the following judgment...
Page 493 - Paris, which fliall only nominate one. IV. Two hundred and forty-nine reprefentatives are attributed to the population. The total mafs of the active population of the kingdom is divided into 249 parts, and each department nominates as many of the deputies as it contains parts of the population.
Page 485 - Whatever is not not forbidden by the law, cannot be hindered ; and no perfon can be conftrained to do that which the law ordaineth not.
Page 212 - I swear to be faithful to the nation, the law, and the king ; and to maintain with all my powers the constitution decreed by the national assembly, and accepted by the king.
Page 509 - ... be bound . to meet without delay. It has the right of police in the place of its fitting, and to fuch extent around it as fhall be determined.
Page 490 - Thofe who, having been born out of the kingdom, of foreign parents, but refide in France, become French Citizens, after five years of continued refidence in the kingdom ; if, befides, they have acquired...
Page 498 - The representatives shall pronounce in a body, in the name of the French people, the oath to live free, or die.

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