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From Aristotle to Zizek, a discussion of the term "ideology" and also of its various meanings. Everyone will come away from this book wiser about the concept and the debate surrounding it. I wish there had been more on Heidegger, but all the other important thinkers on the subject are covered, and the author puts forward his own persuasive theory in the concluding chapter. Recommended. 

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The author (David Hawkes/Philldwyer), unfortunately waffles on far too much for most readers to absorb the message he is trying to express.
The book, padded with unnecessary paragraphs, loses
direction quickly and what could be an interesting perspective on the subject, however biased, would be so thin a post it note would be an ideal sized canvas for all the interesting pieces contained in the book to fit.
The Author is a Fundamentalist Christian (A Mormon apparently ) who's personal beliefs creep into the book forcing the reader to dissect the never ending ideology from the facts ... both of them. Nevermind
In all honesty I could not recommend this book to anyone who is studying or looking to learn anything, anything at all. Except of course, the perfect response for the incurable insomniac.
Or fixing a wobbly chair.

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