Munsey's Magazine for ..., Volume 19

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Frank A. Munsey & Company, 1898 - American periodicals
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Page 540 - RESOLVED, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.
Page 385 - The Englishman's long pursuit of his bride ; the manner in which she escaped from Swart Piet only to encounter as great perils in her wanderings, and how she dwelt among savages for two years, with Sihamba, the little witch doctoress and ruler of the Tribe of the Mountains, gives Mr. Haggard ample opportunity to display his ingenuity as a plot-maker, and illustrates his wonderful powers of dramatic narration. The story is crowded with incident leading up to the tragic encounter on the cliff between...
Page 627 - Now fling them out to the breeze, Shamrock, Thistle, and Rose, And "The Star-spangled Banner" unfurl with these— A message to friends and foes . Wherever the sails of peace are seen and wherever the war wind blows— A message to bond and thrall to wake, For wherever we come, we twain, The throne of the tyrant shall rock and quake, And his menace be void and vain, For you are lords of a strong land and we are lords of the main...
Page 159 - Duke— Mrs. Rawdon Crawley, whom I saw last week, and whom I informed of your Grace's desire to have her portrait, was good enough to permit me to copy a little drawing made of her "in happier days," she said with a sigh, by Smee, the Royal Academician.
Page 159 - ... lady in Knightsbridge district. Colonel and Mrs. W. Dobbin live in Hampshire, near Sir R. Crawley; Lady Jane was godmother to their little girl, and the ladies are exceedingly attached to each other. The colonel's "History of the Punjaub" is looked for with much anxiety in some circles.
Page 269 - ... differing traditions and antecedents into a harmonious whole will prove a difficult task. The political ingenuity of the Anglo-Saxon will find a way out, but I rather expect it will tax it to the utmost. Whether the new charter will hinder or promote effective consolidation we shall have to wait to see. About one thing there can be no doubt, and that is that while in some features it represents a distinct advance in charter making, in giving to the mayor fuller responsibility, with adequate power,...
Page 627 - We severed have been too long; But now we have done with a wornout tale. The tale of an ancient wrong. And our friendship shall last long as love doth last and be stronger than death is strong.
Page 166 - Send your age to the Home Office and we will send you a sample policy, showing just what we have to offer. JONATHAN B. BUNCE, President. JOHN M. HOLCOMBE, Vice-President. CHARLES H. LAWRENCE, Secretary.
Page 339 - One Swallow does not make a Spring," but one cake of Sapolio will divide the labor of a Springcleaning by two. 'Tis nonsense to rub, and scrub, and scour, without Sapolio. You must get the house clean, but why should you do it the hardest way? 'Twill be easy if you do it with Sapolio. SOME HOUSEHOLD USES. To Remove Rust. To Polish Knives. To Renew Oil-Cloth. To Brighten Metals. To Wash Out Sinks. To Scrub Floors. To Renovate Paint. To Scour Bath Tuba. To Whiten Marble. To Clean Dishes. To Remove...
Page 627 - Answer them, sons of the selfsame race, And blood of the selfsame clan, Let us speak with each other, face to face, And answer as man to man. And loyally love and trust each other, As none but free men can.

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