Poetical Sketches of Scarborough

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R. Ackermann, 1813 - Aquatint - 215 pages
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Page v - Meldrum had sent propositions, with menaces that, if they were not accepted, he would that night be master of all the works and castle, and in case one of his men's blood was shed, would not give quarter to man or woman, but put all to the sword ; she conceiving that...
Page 55 - The sacred banners of St. Cuthbert of Durham, St. Peter of York, St. John of Beverley, and St. Wilfrid of Ripon, hung from a pole fixed in a fourwheeled car, which stood in the centre of the host. ' I who wear no armour,' shouted the chief of the Galwegians, 'will go as far this day as any one with breastplate of mail ; ' his men charged with wild shouts of
Page v - One of them looked towards the sea, and " laying much open, the wind drove in the rain forcibly, so that the water came over his bed and ran about the room, so that he was fain to skim it up with a platter.
Page 88 - And, to the wat'ry marge descending ; Upon that marge, in modest state, Hygeia throwing wide her gate, * A better Cytherea she Risen newly from the ambient sea, To indigent infirmity. Thy temple, castle, double mole, Port, spa, and circling round the whole Of beauty and of strength the zone, The ocean's azure girdle thrown ! Thy pleasures ever charm the young, The morning stroll — stroll all day long : Joy, triumph, health at once they give, To see, to conquer, and to live ; And nidi, vici, mxi,...
Page 57 - O, blame not thou the red-cross zeal, Which sharpen'd Europe's pious steel, To win the tomb, when myriads fell, Of Him who died for all: Though Famine perch'd upon their board, And many a noble heart was gored By Saladin's heroic sword Beneath the holy wall! Yet blessed they who 'mid the storm, Where Death display'd his grisliest form, Their breasts with...
Page v - In enumerating his sufferings and persecutions he states, that, " a threepenny loaf lasted him three weeks, and sometimes longer; and most of his drink was water with wormwood steeped in it." The ravages of time, and two destructive sieges, reduced this fortress to little better than a mass of ruins ; and it lay in a neglected state till the rebellion in 1745, when it was hastily put into temporary repair, so as merely to prevent a surprise, and made a depot for military stores.
Page 58 - ... zest, The courtesies of life! Great names it next was thine to boast, Dread Empress of Brigantia's coast; Nor may they, in oblivion lost, Escape the muse's eye: She notes where, flaunting in the beam Of noon-day suns, with golden gleam The northern Dacre's banners stream Athwart the azure sky. And there with rival radiance glows De Vesci's helm, whose sovereign...
Page 108 - ... advantage which Scarborough presents to visiters, of drinking the waters and enjoying the benefit of sea-bathing, it is much frequented during the summer season ; and a more agreeable place is not to be found on the coast betwixt the Humber and the Tyne. " Believe me, ma'am, a daily dip Will mollify the cheek and lip : If you're too fat 'twill make you thin ; And if the bones invade the skin, 'Twill in a month their sharpness cover, And clothe them well with flesh all over. The sea's the mill...
Page ix - January 1738), between two and three in the morning, another crack was heard, and the top of the cliff behind it rent 224 yards in length, and 36 in breadth, and was all in motion, slowly descending, and so continued, till dark. The ground thus rent, contained about an acre of pasture land...
Page ix - ... to fee the ftrange Pofture it flood in, and got feveral Gentlemen to view it, who being of Opinion the Houfe could not ftand long, advifed them to get out their Goods; but they ftill continued in k.

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