Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes: Containing Over 6400 Receipts

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Fitzgerald Publishing Corporation, 1900
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Page 330 - ... required form, but a little larger. Upon it place a small drop of mercury : a drop the size of a pin's head will be sufficient for a surface equal to the size of the nail. The mercury spreads immediately, penetrates the amalgam to where it was cut off with the knife, and the required piece may now be lifted and removed to the place to be repaired.
Page 94 - After sweating, and before being ground, wipe them dry, and if any are found bruised or rotten, put them in a heap by themselves, for an inferior cider to make vinegar.
Page 97 - ... manner of champagne. A few bottles may be kept in a warm place to ripen, or a small piece of lump sugar may be put into each bottle before corking, if the...
Page 296 - ... tint. To produce the former, it is only necessary to wash the article with a solution of sal-ammoniac; a much more beautiful tint may however be obtained, by employing a solution composed of equal parts of sulphate of copper and sal-ammoniac in vinegar. The fine black tint may be produced by a slightly warm solution of sulphuret of potassium or sodium.
Page 337 - ... in an hour. The mould is then to be placed before a fire, or in an oven, until quite dry, after which it is to be placed, back downwards, in a shallow vessel containing melted wax, not of sufficient depth to flow over the face of the mould, allowing the whole to remain over a slow fire until the wax has penetrated the plaster, and appears upon the face. Having removed it to a cool place to harden, it will soon be ready for electrotyping. If the mould is large and the plaster thick, the wax may...
Page 271 - Take of Canada balsam one ounce, spirit of turpentine two ounces ; mix them together. Before this composition is applied, the drawing or print should be sized with a solution of isinglass in water ; and when dry, apply the varnish with a camel's hair brush.
Page 325 - Pour some of the ethereal solution of gold into a wine glass, and dip therein the blade of a new pen-knife, lancet, or razor ; withdraw the instrument, and allow the ether to evaporate. The blade will be found to be covered by a very beautiful coat of gold. A clean rag, or small piece of very dry sponge, may be dipped...
Page 350 - ... metal very easily deposited. The solution is prepared by dissolving the metal in nitromuriatic acid, and evaporating the solution nearly to dryness ; then adding cyanide of potassium till the whole is dissolved : the solution is then filtered and ready for use. The cyanide of potassium holds a large quantity of this metal in solution, and the electrode is acted upon while the deposit is proceeding. Articles covered with this metal assume the appearance of the metal ; but so far as we are aware,...
Page 151 - In this manufactory of a beauty i remained for a quarter of an hour; at the end of that time, the...
Page 19 - The first portion of liquid obtained by the method of displacement is always in a state of high concentration. In general it is a simple solution of the soluble ingredients of the crude drug in the fluid employed. But sometimes the solvent, if compound, is resolved into its compound parts, and the fluid which passes through it at any given time is only one of these...

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