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Page 229 - Moorish cavaliers gazed with a silent agony of tenderness and grief, upon that delicious abode, the scene of their loves and pleasures. While they yet looked, a light cloud of smoke burst forth from the citadel ; and, presently, a peal of artillery, faintly heard, told, that the city was taken possession of, and the throne of the Moslem kings was lost for ever. The heart of Boabdil, softened by misfortunes and overcharged with grief, could no longer contain itself.
Page 229 - said he ; but the words of resignation died upon his lips, and he burst into a flood of tears. His mother, the intrepid Sultana Ayxa la Horra, was indignant at his weakness.
Page 110 - Goths, acknowledged not only as the capital of the whole province, but as the metropolis of the kingdom. This honor, however, was in time transferred to Toledo. The Spanish Goths were by no means the wild, uncivilized people which the expression "Goths and Vandals
Page 35 - ... people's profound love for their country. It is possible that the great poet Qu Yuan may have rewritten these odes, but they are generally considered as the work, in the main, of anonymous poets. Soon after the Nine Odes were composed lived the brilliant poet Qu Yuan, a noble of the kingdom of Chu. The date of his birth is uncertain, but it was probably between 343 and 339 B .C. At about the age of twenty he began to take part in affairs of state. At home he advocated the promotion of able ministers,...
Page 64 - Velazquez, and it was cast at Florence, 1640, by Pietro Tacca. It weighs 180 cwt., and is 19 feet high. Galileo is said to have suggested the means by which the balance is so admirably preserved. All the front portion is hollow, and the hinder massive. When made it was valued at 40,000 doubloons. The bassi-relievi represent Philip IV. knighting Velazquez, an allegory, etc. Streets. — The handsomest street is Calle de Alcald.
Page 171 - published by the archbishop Rodrigo, the celebrated historian ; and the same indulgences granted to those who assumed the cross in Spain, as to those who visited the Holy Land. In pursuance of this act, a multitude from all parts of the peninsula assembled at Toledo. The result, however, by no means corresponded with the extent of the preparations. Neither of the...
Page 176 - The utter coldness of neglect that haughty spirit stings, As if a thousand fiends were there, with all their flapping wings; She wraps the veil about her head, as if 'twere all a dream — The love — the murder — and the wrath — and that rebellious scream ; XXIV.
Page 175 - HENRY and King Pedro clasping, Hold in straining arms each other; Tugging hard, and closely grasping, Brother proves his strength with brother...
Page 89 - I bring myself to allow you to act as their guardian and natural protector, they would not consent to such an arrangement. You cannot call that suspicion.

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