The History of Russia: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Compiled from the Most Authentic Sources, Including the Works of Karamsin, Tooke, and Ségur, Volume 1

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Page 470 - And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.
Page 388 - ... all raw. At great entertainments it frequently happens that nobody is allowed to go out of the room from noon till midnight, hence it is easy to imagine what pickle a room must be in, that is full of people who drink like beasts, and none of them escape being dead drunk. " They often tie eight or ten young mice...
Page 472 - I declare, without constraint, and in the most solemn manner, to the Russian empire, and to the whole universe, that I for ever renounce the government of the said empire, never desiring hereafter to reign therein, either as an absolute sovereign, or under any other form of government; never wishing to aspire thereto, to use any means, of any sort, for that purpose.
Page 445 - Eussians from their entrenchments. In two hours expect to hear of a glorious victory.
Page 472 - During the short space of my absolute reign over the empire of Russia, I became sensible that I was not able to support so great a burden, and that my abilities were not equal to the task of governing so great an empire, either as a sovereign, or in any other capacity whatever. I also foresaw the great troubles which must thence have arisen, and have been followed...
Page 61 - Bear in mind that a man ought to be always employed : look carefully into your domestic concerns, and fly from drunkenness and debauchery. " Love your wives, but do not suffer them to have any power over you. " Endeavour constantly to obtain knowledge. Without having quitted his palace, my father spoke five languages ; a thing which wins for us the admiration of foreigners.
Page 378 - We must collect round our house, as round a centre, all the detached sections of Greeks which are scattered abroad in Hungary, Turkey, and South Poland. We must make them look to us for support, and then, by establishing beforehand a sort of ecclesiastical supremacy, we shall pave the way for universal sovereignty.
Page 368 - ... And yet the excessive working of his mind held his body in a state of frightful immovability. At length, he rushed precipitately out of the chamber into the adjoining room. For two whole hours he hastily paced it; then suddenly entering again like a man who had made up his mind, he said to Repnin, "Moens shall die immediately! I will watch the empress so closely that her first slip shall cost her life!
Page 63 - ... I been thrown down by buffaloes, wounded by the antlers of stags, and trodden under the feet of elks ! A furious wild boar rent my sword from my baldrick ; my saddle was torn to pieces by a bear; this terrible beast rushed upon my courser, whom he threw down upon me. But the Lord protected me. " O, my children, fear neither death nor wild beasts. Trust in Providence; it far surpasses all human precautions.
Page 378 - 14. Should the improbable case happen of both rejecting the propositions of Russia, then our policy will be to set one against the other, and make them tear each other to pieces. Russia must then watch...

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