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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite
Anastasia (Volume 1 of The Ringing Cedars Of Russia Series) by Vladimir Megre is the inspiring story of the author who goes to Siberia on a trading
assignment. He meets Anastasia, who becomes his friend. She shares everything about her life with him. She indirectly influences his thinking deeply. The story progresses after the author decides to leave his trade and former life. He goes to Moscow to pen a book on universal ideas and thoughts, which were shared with him during his moments with Anastasia.
It's a stunning story that will touch your heart. Russia as the backdrop is an added attraction. The book is honest and the experiences of the author and how he met Anastasia has its own charm. A spiritual vein runs through the story, making the book uplifting and heart-rending. A lot of soul searching can be done once you finish reading the story.
The reference to the Ringing Cedars is exquisite. It is such a novel concept which adds to the spiritual angle of the story. The author has crafted a story which makes the seeking and understanding of God so beautiful. It's powerful and the healing powers of the Ringing Cedar Tree added subtly to the power of God.
I am eagerly waiting to read the next book because I am curious to know where the author will take us. Apart from the very visual imagery, the writer's transformation from the commercial to the spiritual is inspiring to any reader seeking God.

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This is one of the best books i have ever read. That simple, The righting is some what rudimentary, and that is one of the qualities that really make it a good book. how can rudimentary be good? Read the book and you will see why.

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If you are thinking about reading this books be ready for they will change your life in the most amazing ways! This books are worth their weight in gold or the must precious things..... I love them and their message. Please read them with out judging them allow the message to seep in to your conscious mind and your heart, they cannot be understood with the mind, but the heart and feelings will show you the way. Much Love and Light to all who read this review.  

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With perspectives you've never heard before on topics ranging from education, the raising of children, sex, marriage, nature, God, spirituality, philosophy, creation, who we are, why we're here, the nature of thought, the history and direction of mankind, our relationship to food, science, mathematics, the Universe, and much else - this series of books carve out a bright future and a concrete dream from which countless hearts are awakening, aligning, and materializing today.
In my humble opinion these are not mere books, but the most important ideas to surface in millennia - a vision urgently relevant to now and for all time. It uncovers uncountable truths leaving readers deeply moved to co-create the way out of the mess we're in back to our pristine origins.
Millions of readers, like you and me, were introduced to the series with no commercial advertising - by word of mouth alone. And since we all wish to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life, providing a brighter future for themselves and our children, I am reccommending them to you.
The concepts are delivered through an entertaining real-life first person narrative using ordinary accessible language.

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This is the best book ever! I have read almost all 9 books in this series and they are by far the most inspiring books I have ever read. Here to take us into a new way of living in Paradise!

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