Metrical pieces: translated and original

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Crosby, Nichols, 1855 - 362 pages
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Page 227 - O GOD, whose presence glows in all, Within, around us, and above ! Thy word we bless, thy name we call, Whose word is Truth, whose name is Love. 2 That truth be with the heart believed Of all who seek this sacred place ; With power proclaimed, in peace received — Our spirits
Page 228 - That love its holy influence pour, To keep us meek, and make us free, And throw its binding blessing more Round each with all, and all with thee.
Page 90 - NOBLE friend ! where now for Peace, wornhearted, Where for Freedom, is a refuge-place ? The old century has in storm departed, And the new with carnage starts its race. And the bond of nations flies asunder, And the ancient forms rush to decline ; Not the ocean hems the warring thunder, Not the Nile-god and the ancient Rhine. Two imperious nations are contending For one empire's universal field ; Liberty from every people rending, Thunderbolt and trident do they wield. Gold must be weighed them from...
Page 277 - ... these stones to grieve — The hands that hewed them, and the hearts that reared ? Such the poor bounds of all that's hoped or feared, Within the griefs and smiles of this short day! Here sunk the honored, vanished the endeared j This Hie last tribute love to love could pay — An idle, pageant pile to graces passed away.
Page 85 - They turn, the proud masters, From whole generations The eye of their blessing; Nor will in the children The once well-beloved Still eloquent features Of ancestor see.
Page 90 - Would he girdle, like his own homestead. To the south pole's unseen constellations Pierce his keels, unhindered, resting not; All the isles, all coasts of farthest nations, Spies he ; — all but Eden's sacred spot. Ah ! in vain, on charts of all earth's order, May'st thou seek that bright and blessed shore, Where the green of Freedom's garden-border, Where man's prime, is fresh for evermore. Endless lies the world that thine eye traces, Even commerce scarcely belts it round ; Yet upon its all-unmeasured...
Page 146 - The stars above me mount the heavens with tranquil beam ; So round my couch, O Lord, may heavenly warders gleam ! And if my bolster be, like Jacob's, a hard stone, Let Jacob's ladder, too, be lifted in my dream ! IV. There came from heaven a flying turtle-dove. And brought a leaf of clover from above ; He dropped it, — and oh, happy they that find ! The triple flower is faith and hope and love.
Page 277 - Be lowly as the relics you o'erspread ! Nor lift your funeral forms so gorgeously, To tell who slumbers in each lowly bed. I would not honor thus the sainted dead, Nor to each stranger's careless eye declare My sacred griefs for joy and friendship fled. No, let me hide the names of those that were, Deep in my stricken heart, and shrine them only there.
Page 295 - WHEN I am weak, I'm strong," The great Apostle cried. The strength that did not to the earth belong, The might of Heaven supplied. "When I am weak, I'm strong," Blind Milton caught that strain, And flung its victory o'er the ills that throng Round Age and Want and Pain. "When I am weak, I'm strong," Each Christian heart repeats ; These words will tune its feeblest breath to song, And fire its languid beats.
Page 133 - Must wholly give a life, to wholly have a heart. Till thought of thine own worth far buried from thee lies, How know I that indeed my worth 's before thine eyes? What more says he that speaks, than he that holds his peace ? Yet woe betide the heart that from thy praise can cease ! Say I, "In thee I am"?

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