A Course of Practical Physics for Students of Science and Engineering

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The Author, 1903 - Physics - 331 pages
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Page 225 - As a flash torch, a small gas jet one-quarter of an inch in length, should be employed. When gas is not at hand employ a piece of waxed linen twine. The flame in this case, however, should be small. " When the temperature of the oil has reached 85 F. the testings should commence.
Page 223 - If the temperature of the oil is still farther increased, a point will be reached at which the oil will evolve vapor so rapidly that, when ignited, it will burn continuously. This is called the fire test of the oil. The cold test of an oil is the lowest temperature at which the oil will flow. The object of this experiment is to make a flash test, fire test, and cold test of a sample of oil. The general method of determining the flash point is to...
Page 225 - The appearance of a slight bluish flame shows that the flashing point has been reached. In every case note the temperature of the oil before introducing the torch. The flame of the torch must not come in contact with the oil. The water-bath should be filled with cold water for each separate test, and the oil from a previous test carefully wiped from the oil cup.
Page 226 - EXPERIMENT. — The object of this experiment is to find the relation between the boiling point and the concentration of a solution of common salt. The boiling point of a solution of a non-volatile substance is higher than the boiling point of the pure solvent. If a current of steam be passed into an aqueous solution below its boiling point, steam will be condensed in the solution until the heat thereby liberated raises the temperature of the solution to its boiling point. Consequently steam that...
Page 93 - Show that the moment of inertia of a body about any axis is equal to the moment of inertia about a parallel axis through...
Page 224 - If an alcohol lamp is employed for heating the water-bath, the wick should be carefully trimmed and adjusted to a small flame. A small Bunsen burner may be used in place of the lamp. The rate of heating should be about two degrees per minute, and in no case exceed three degrees. As a flash torch, a small gas jet one-quarter inch in length, should be employed.
Page 224 - Remove the oil cup and fill the water-bath with cold water up to the mark on the inside. Replace the oil cup, and pour in enough oil to fill it to within one-eighth of an inch of the flange joining the cup and the vapor-chamber above.
Page 189 - Avogadro's law states that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules...
Page 250 - ... The temperature of the gas as it enters the burner and the temperature of the products of combustion as they leave the calorimeter are given by the thermometers T" and T'" . A stream of water flows from the supply pipe D into a small reservoir kept at constant level by means of the overflow pipe 0. From this regulator the water passes down the tube E through the control valve V, thence through the water jacket B, thence through G- and the discharge nozzle H into the measuring vessel U.
Page 99 - Elasticity is the name given to "that property by virtue of which a body requires force to change its bulk or shape, and requires a continued application of the force to maintain the change, and springs back when the force is removed ; and if left without the force, does not remain at rest except in its previous bulk and shape.

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