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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

A young woman in hiding from the Russian mob faces a difficult decision when she falls in love with a cop.Abigail, 28, lives alone in the bucolic hamlet of Bickford, Ark., in an isolated house, fortified with firearms, a state-of-the-art alarm system and a vicious dog named Bert. When the town's genial police chief, Brooks, suspects Abigail is packing while shopping for gourmet groceries, his ... Read full review

Review: The Witness

Editorial Review - - Jennifer McCord

There is a lyric running through my head: “Tell me a story, tell me a story.” The writer who is answering to this song is, of course, Nora Roberts with her 200th work of fiction, THE WITNESS. A born storyteller, Roberts has kept me reading since her first book, IRISH THOROUGHBRED, was published. True to form, her latest is a marvelous novel of romance, suspense and hope with a riveting storyline ... Read full review

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