Decimal Clasification and Relativ Index for Libraries and Personal Use: In Arranjing for Immediate Reference, Books, Pamflets, Clippings, Pictures, Manuscript Notes and Other Material

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Forest Press, 1922 - Classification, Decimal - 988 pages
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Page 400 - Natural science 510 Mathematics 520 Astronomy 530 Physics 540 Chemistry 550 Geology 560 Paleontology 570 Biology 580 Botany 590 Zoology 600 Useful arts 610 Medicine 620 Engineering 630 Agriculture 640 Domestic economy 650 Communication.
Page 49 - Thomas Jefferson later wrote, " Where strictness of grammar does not weaken expression it should be attended to, but where by a small grammatical negligence the energy of an idea is condensed or a word stands for a sentence, I hold grammatical rigor in contempt.
Page 400 - Amusements 800 Literature 810 American 820 English 830 German 840 French 850 Italian 860 Spanish 870 Latin 880 Greek 890 Minor languages 900 History...
Page 57 - For o having the sound of u in but, write u in above (abuv), tongue (tung), and the like. 4. ou. — Drop o from ou having the sound of u in but, in trouble, rough (ruf), and the like ; for -our unaccented write -or, as in honour.
Page 400 - Modern philosophers 200 RELIGION— 210 Natural theology 220 Bible 230 Doctrinal. Dogmatics. Theology 240 Devotional. Practical 250 Homiletic. Pastoral. Parochial 260 Church. Institutions. Work 270 Religious history 280 • Christian churches and sects 290 Ethnic.
Page 8 - ... having its essential features, and, when dun, they ar better and vastly more permanent. Practical utility and economy ar its keynotes and no theoretic refinement has been allowd to modify the skeme, if it wud detract from usefulness or ad to cost. It was chiefly necesary to find a method that wud clas, arranje and index books and pamflets on shelvs, cards of a catalog, clippings and notes in scrapbooks and index rerums, references to all these items, and indeed any literary material in any form,...
Page 457 - Australia ; 2, South Australia ; 3, Queensland ; 4, New South Wales ; 5, Victoria ; 6, Tasmania ; 7, New Zealand.
Page 44 - ... at Lake Placid; and to institute, organize or foster other movements to advance public welfare thru education, by means of the Foundation pres, conferences, forums, addresses, gyded reading, and similar ajencies'.
Page 400 - Religions. 300 Sociology. 310 Statistics. 320 Political Science. 330 Political Economy. 340 Law. 350 Administration. 360 Associations and Institutions. 370 Education. 380 Commerce and Communication.
Page 14 - The clasification is mainly by subject or content regardless of form (see p. 266) but an aded form distinction for jeneral treatises is found practicaly useful. Thus, in Syence there ar many compends, dictionaries, essays, periodicals and socyeties, treating of Syence in jeneral, and so having o for the division figure, but treating it under different forms, and therefore divided into sections according to this form: 501 for filosofy or theories of Syence, 502 for compends, 503 for dictionaries....

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