A Description of the Series of Medals Struck at the National Medal Mint by Order of Napoleon Bonaparte: Commemorating the Most Remarkable Battles and Events During His Dynasty

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H. R. Young, 1818 - Medals - 239 pages
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Page 136 - From a dull and unpromising childhood he burst into deeds of valour and heroism, and was gradually raised by merit to the highest offices of the state. In his first consulship he obtained a victory over Liguria, and the fatal battle of Trasimene occasioned his election to the dictatorship.
Page 43 - Falken" steiu, with its dependencies, the Fricthall, and all belonging to the " House of Austria on the left bank of the Rhine, between Zarzach and " Basle, are to be given up to the French Republic. The Duke of Mo" dena, as an indemnity for the countries which this Prince had in Italy,
Page 166 - Jupiter was the king and father of gods and men, his power was extended over the deities, and everything was subservient to his will, except the Fates. From him mankind received their blessings and their miseries, and they looked upon him as acquainted with everything past, present, and future.
Page 200 - Elchingen put himself in motion, and under the protection of sixty pieces of cannon, which General Foucher had placed the evening before against the enemy's centre, bore upon the centre. A thousand pieces of cannon spread death on all sides. At eight o'clock the positions of the enemy were carried, his redoubts taken, and our artillery crowned his heights. The advantage of position which the enemy's batteries had enjoyed for two hours, now belonged to us. The parapets which had been occupied against...
Page 171 - Rome, on all occasions, immediately after the mayors or deputations of the city of Paris. 7. The prince imperial is to assume the title, and receive the honours, of king of Rome. 8. A prince of the blood, or a grand dignitary of the empire, shall reside at Rome, who shall hold the emperor's court. 9. The property which composes the endowments of the imperial crown shall be regulated by a special senatus consultum.
Page 77 - ... consecrated for the purpose, proceeded to bless and consecrate the crowns, taking them in his hands as he pronounced the benediction. He then replaced them on the altar ; and, retiring to his own seat, Napoleon advanced. Taking in his hand the crown destined for himself, and
Page 69 - Aiddu-Camps; and on benches, at the foot of the throne, were the Counsellors of State ; the Generals from the interior on the right; and on the left, the civil and religious functionaries ; the space in the middle was occupied by the imperial guard, and the musicians on one side, and two thousand drummers on the other ; at its extremities were the grand staff of the army, and the general staff officers of the camp. The Emperor saw on his right the two camps and the batteries, the entrance of the...
Page 33 - Anstrians; they fell back, and their cavalry charged with fury ; a powder waggon blew up, and their alarm increased ; in fact, all gave way and fled. The French cavalry rushed into the plain, and advanced towards the enemy. Desaix trampled on all obstacles which opposed him. Victor carried Marengo, and flew towards the Bormida. The centre, under Murat, advanced into the plain; he much annoyed the Austrian centre, and kept a great body of cavalry in check.
Page 169 - France, and to the dignity and safety of my throne. However, as I acknowledge the necessity of the spiritual influence of the descendants of the first of the pastors, I could not conciliate these grand' interests, but by annulling the donative of the French emperors my predecessors...

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