Aunt Effie's Rhymes for Little Children

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Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1860 - Animals - 64 pages

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Page 23 - One day (the sun was warm and bright, And shining in the sky) Cock Robin said, " My little dears, 'Tis time you learn to fly ;" And all the little young ones said, " I'll try, I'll try, I'll try ! " I know a child, and who she is I'll tell you by-and-by, When mamma says, " Do this," or " that," She says,
Page 55 - ROLL on, roll on, you restless waves, That toss about and roar ; Why do you all run back again When you have reached the shore ? Roll on, roll on, you noisy waves, Roll higher up the strand ; How is it that you cannot pass That line of yellow sand ? Make haste, or else the tide will turn ; • Make haste, you noisy sea ; Eoll quite across the bank, and then Far on across the lea.
Page 37 - I'ma very patient clock, Never moved by hope or fear, Though I've stood for many a year ; Tick-tock— tick-tock.
Page 9 - Yes," said the little ducks again, All waddling in a row ; " Now to the pond," said old Dame Duck — Splash, splash ! and in they go.
Page 34 - And round-about they danced, Across the web and back again They darted and they glanced. The hungry Spider sat and watched The happy little flies ; It saw all round about its head, It had so many eyes. Round-about, and round-about, And round-about they go, Across the web and back again, Now high — now low. " I am hungry, very hungry,
Page 15 - Scrabble, scrabble, scrabble, went all the little mice, For they smelt the Cheshire cheese; The Pussy Cat said, " It smells very nice, Now do come out if you please.
Page 19 - Any grist for the Mill?" Alas ! it will not go ; The river, too, is standing still, The ground is white with snow. And when the frosty weather comes, And freezes up the streams, The Miller only hears the mill, And grinds the corn in dreams. Living close beside the Mill, The Miller's girls and boys Always play at make-believe, Because they have no toys.
Page 18 - The bakers come and go; They bring their empty sacks to fill, And leave them down below. The dusty miller and his men Fill all the sacks they bring, And while they go about their work Right merrily they sing. " Any grist for the mill ? " How quickly it goes round ! Splash, splash, splash, splash, With a whirring sound.
Page 15 - So the cunning old Cat lay down on a mat By the fire in the servants' hall : " If the little mice peep, they'll think I'm asleep ;" So, she rolled herself up like a ball. " Squeak," said the little mouse, " we'll creep out, And eat some Cheshire cheese ; That silly old Cat is asleep on the mat, And we may sup at our ease.
Page 17 - Never mind," said little Freddie. " I shall have them when it's right." But a blackbird whistled boldly, " I shall eat them all to-night.

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