The Westinghouse Code ...

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Westinghouse Companies' Publishing Department, 1902 - 495 pages

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Page 263 - They stay one month, two months, three months, four months, five months, six months, seven months, eight months, nine months.
Page 185 - In order that the contract between builder and purchaser of a pumping engine may conform to the proposed standard, the guarantee as to performance should be expressed in the following terms : 1. The engine shall perform a duty, based upon plunger displacement, equivalent to not less than.... foot pounds of work for each one million heat units consumed.
Page 121 - If you have any doubt about (it— them) There is a doubt about (it — them) There is no doubt about (it — them) There is not the slightest doubt in my (our) opinion There is no longer any doubt about (it ) Eraft(s).
Page 2 - Cont. .He is (they are) not able to . If he is (they are) able to .If he is (they are) not able to .If...
Page 36 - Has (have) the bill(s) been accepted The bill(s) has (have) been accepted The bill(s) has (have) not been accepted The bill(s) will...
Page 403 - Centigrade. And at 50 per cent- overload for one hour, the rise in temperature will not exceed 50 deg.
Page 248 - Podomales .You may go as low as , or lower, if absolutely necessary to secure the business 19047 Podophule .LUBRICATION.
Page 189 - If (you) ( — — ) hear nothing further .If you do not hear from me (us) (by ) you may consider the business...
Page 239 - Less if (possible) .Less per cent. .Less than (last) .Much less than (expected) .Must be less (than) Must not be less (than) .Not less (than...
Page 170 - Will telegraph before engaging freight .Without charges for freight . You will (would) have to pay freight charges . Your terms for freight are too high .FREQUENCIES.

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