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Great book!

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I was raised to believe that a loving God made every being equal even as I was taught about the devil.
'Without Conscience' details decades of serious research and is a riveting read - and an
important one that re-educates the world to the stark fact that equality is not a given.
Many predators became deranged through bad treatment in childhood. Others are simply born with a less efficient capacity for empathy, just as some babies are born with other mental deformities. Perhaps its time we accept reality.
Clearly-written and easy-to-read, 'Without Conscience' urges a too-kind public to become discerning and then to hasten to instruct their vulnerable children to become knowledgeable too. It teaches about the profile of a predator, warning signs and ways to protect oneself.
I used to feel guilty when I felt suspicious of a person. Now I congratulate myself and step aside as quickly as possible. Forewarned is forearmed.
Eleanor Cowan, author of : A History of a Pedophile's Wife

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Having read this book many times over , I could very easily substitute , extremely easily, a person who ruined 14 years of my life. Every word That Hare talks about is true. When you are in a relationship (married) with an arranged marriage and your spouse turns out to be the nightmare of your life, that is when you regret having read this book , after the fact.
As a young 20 yr old I was able to see right through that the person i was married to was indeed a psychopath. His charming personality to the external world, coupled with his giving nature and then using it as a weapon to justify his abuse within the 4 walls of the bedroom is one I can relate to.
I am a happily married woman now, 61 and happy my present spouse of 24 years is my reward for the patience i had in getting out of a bad situation
Thank you Dr. hare. You have made the book actually easy reading for a person in the computer field and with no psychology background except that I am now married to one. Your book was a great eye opener for me> I read your book about 15 yrs back and then have re-read it many a time. I wish they could make this book compulsory reading for young women, esp. vulnerable ones, which will help a better understanding of what one lives with.

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This is a great book about Psychopathy and its' influences on society. Doctor Hare explains the subject understandably. Even though the book itself is a decade old, it still has valuable information how to recognize and beware psychopaths. Of course only a professional should make the diagnosis about someone with symptoms from the checklist. But at least we now have a tool to protect ourselves and try to avoid the people who fit to description. I found this book very useful and recommend it. 

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This is one book I could not put down. Recommended by a parole officer, after 5 pages I needed to grab my highlighter pen. This is one book every woman needs to read. It would save a great deal of pain in her lifetime. I have chosen to work in the field of family violence and although all of the workers have read this book as part of their internships, few have used it as part of their followup with the client. Thank you Dr. Hare. Your brilliance in this science is only heightened by your dogged determination to show that not ALL psychopaths are behind bars and most are living right near each of us. 

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