Northern Travel: Summer and Winter Pictures of Sweden, Denmark, and Lapland

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G. P. Putnam, 1858 - Denmark - 436 pages
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Page 54 - O Swallow, Swallow, if I could follow, and light Upon her lattice, I would pipe and trill, And cheep and twitter twenty million loves. ' O were I thou that she might take me in, And lay me on her bosom, and her heart Would rock the snowy cradle till I died. 'Why...
Page 306 - Nordkyn, the most northern point of the mainland of Europe, gleaming rosily and faint in the full beams of the sun ; and just as our watches denoted midnight the North Cape appeared to the westward — a long line of purple bluff, presenting a vertical front of nine hundred feet in height to the Polar Sea.
Page 218 - ... at the idea of allowing such a thing. A few years ago two were established and the fact was no sooner known than a virtuous mob arose and violently pulled them down ! At the restaurants, young blades order their dinners of the female waiters, with an arm around their waists, while the old men place their hands unblushingly upon their bosoms.
Page 103 - AFTER lunch we prepared ourselves to take our first lessons in driving the reindeer. I put on a poesk of reindeer-skin and my fur-lined Russian boots. Ludwig took a pulk, also, to assist us in case of need. These pulks are shaped very much like a canoe ; they are about five feet long, one foot deep, and eighteen inches wide, with a sharp bow and a square stern. You sit upright against the sternboard, with your legs stretched out in the bottom. The deer's harness consists only of a collar of reindeer-skin...
Page 292 - The glassy, leaden-colored sea was powdered with a golden bloom, and the tremendous precipices at the mouth of the Lyngen Fjord, behind us, were steeped in a dark-red, mellow flush, and touched with pencillings of pure, rose-colored light, until their naked ribs seemed to be clothed in imperial velvet. As we turned into the Fjord and ran southward along their bases, a waterfall, struck by the sun, fell in fiery orange foam down the red walls, and the blue ice-pillars of a beautiful glacier filled...
Page 217 - It has been called the most licentious city in Europe^ and, I have no doubt, with the most perfect justice. Vienna may surpass it in the amount of conjugal infidelity, but certainly not in general incontinence. Very nearly half the registered births are illegitimate, to say nothing of the illegitimate children born in wedlock. Of the...
Page 103 - The deer's harness consists only of a collar of reindeer skin around the neck, with a rope at the bottom, which passes under the belly, between the legs, and is fastened to the bow of the pulk. He is driven by a single rein, attached to the base of the left horn, and passing over the back to the right hand of the driver, who thrusts his thumb into a loop at the end, and takes several turns around his wrist. The rein is held rather slack, in order that it may be thrown over to the right side when...
Page 145 - By what authority?" And what answer do they make to this demand? Most likely they give no sign of recognition, except to emit a derisive laugh, as much as to say, "What are you going to do about it?
Page 63 - I thought our faces would be touched by the skirts of the glorious auroral drapery. It did not follow the spheric curve of the firmament, but hung plumb from the zenith, falling, apparently, millions of leagues through the air, its folds gathered together among the stars and its embroidery of flame sweeping the earth and shedding a pale, unearthly radiance over the wastes of snow.
Page 53 - ... talked with the rippling, musical murmur of summer brooks ; the sparkling, breathless firmament; the gorgeous rosy flush of morning, slowly deepening until the orange disc of the sun cut the horizon ; the golden blaze of the tops of the bronze firs ; the glittering of the glassy birches ; the long, dreary sweep of the landscape ; the icy nectar of the perfect air ; the tingling of the roused blood in every vein, all alert to guard the outposts of life against the besieging cold — it was superb...

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