Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 57

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Leslie Stephen
Macmillan, 1899 - Great Britain
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Page 414 - Lessons in Electricity, at the Royal Institution,' 1876; 5th edi't. 1892. 13. ' Essays on the Floating Matter of the Air in relation to Putrefaction and Infection,' 1881 ; 2nd edit. 1883. 14. ' New Fragments,' 1892 ; last edit. 1897. 15. ' Notes on Light: nine Lectures delivered in 1869,' 1870. 16. ' Notes on Electrical Phenomena and Theories, seven Lectures delivered in 1870,
Page 20 - To subvert the tyranny of our execrable government, to break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils, and to assert the independence of my country—these were my objects. To unite the whole people of Ireland, to abolish the memory of all past dissensions, and to substitute the common name of Irishman in place of the denominations of
Page 113 - before this splendid orb [Chatham] was entirely set, and while the western horizon was in a blaze with his descending glory, on the opposite quarter of the heavens arose another luminary
Page 34 - a very good judge of persons and authors ; and as there is nobody more competently qualified to give their opinion of another, so there is none who does it with a more severe exactness or with less partiality; for, to do Mr. Tonson justice, he speaks his mind upon all occasions, and will flatter nobody.
Page 414 - question of Diamagnetic Polarity,' 1870; third and smaller edition, 1888. 7. 'Fragments of Science for Unscientific People : a series of Detached Essays, Lectures, and Reviews,' 1871 ; augmented in the first five editions; from
Page 65 - all who were drawing there, and one day, when he was annoying me, I got more angry than usual, and, clenching my fist, I gave him such a blow on the nose that I felt bone and cartilage go down like biscuit
Page 113 - he had almost every great talent and every little quality . . . with such a capacity he must have been the greatest man of this age, and perhaps inferior to no man in any age, had his faults been only in a moderate proportion
Page 8 - of his beams, or from behind the moon, In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds On half the
Page 322 - spoil Alike became their prey ; still the chief advanc'd, Look'd on the sun with hope ;— low, broad, and wan, While the fierce archer of the downward year Stains Italy's blanch'd barrier with storms. In vain each pass, ensanguin'd deep with dead, Or rocky fragments, wide destruction roll'd. Still on Campania's fertile plains—he thought, But the loud breeze sob'd, ' Capua's joys beware.
Page 333 - the governor-general, on receiving news of his decease in China, was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, and continued to lament his absence from the world until the cloud that had overcast the happiness of this nation was dispelled by his reappearance

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