William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Volume 14

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The College, 1906 - Virginia
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Excellent, very readable. Persevere until getting to the page desired. Then, it is fast. Linked to Amazon to purchase hard copy.

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Page 171 - THUS saith the Lord, Keep ye judgment, and do justice: For my salvation is near to come, And my righteousness to be revealed. Blessed is the man that doeth this, And the son of man that layeth hold on it; That keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, And keepeth his hand from doing any evil.
Page 177 - Estate of this Transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto Death when it shall please God to Call...
Page 25 - Christianity which can itself become the great leading cause as well the great regulating principle of man's further development ; a Christianity which can lead man through paths of admitted truth to the goal of ultimate good and happiness, both in this world and that which is to come. And now, if I were to tell you that the Theology which has been given to mankind through the writings of...
Page 263 - In the name of God, Amen. I, Joshua Hickman of Frederick County and Province of Maryland, Planter, being sick and weak in Body but of sound Mind and Memory do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and Form following.
Page 253 - Neptunian origin, appears far from being hypothetical ; and the fossil teeth and bones (shark's teeth, fish vertebrae, etc.) which accompany this memoir, and which with many hundred more, were dug out of a well at Richmond, from the depth of 71 feet, prove that the deposition of the superstrata Is not of a date sufficiently removed to have destroyed the soft and almost cartilaginous part of the Joints, or to have Injured the enamel of the teeth. The Neptunian theory of geogeny, has now very generally...
Page 256 - ... mark. If the hills advance at an equal ratio for 20 or 30 years more, they will swallow up the whole swamp, and render the coast a desert indeed, for not a blade of grass finds nutriment upon the sand. • Should this event take place, and some future philosopher attend the digging of a well in the high sandy country, on the coast of Virginia, his curiosity would be excited by fossil wood, 100 feet below the surface.
Page 84 - A new and accurate map of Virginia, wherein most of the counties are laid down from actual surveys, with a concise account of the number of inhabitants, the trade, sale, and produce of the Provinces, by John Henry.' ' Engraved by Thomas Jefferys, Geographer to the King.
Page 244 - July 1, 1776; 9 he knew the Declaration was inadequate in itself. The more obscure Colonel Landon Carter, whose essays in the press were brought home to the people on county court days, tried knowingly but vaguely, as all good propagandists should do, to convince them "that the case of the Bostonians was the case of all America & if they submitted to this arbitrary taxation begun by the Parliament, all America must, and then farewell to all our Liberties.
Page 212 - more scenes of brilliant festivity and political excitement than any other single apartment in North America." Little Williamsburg was the birthplace of the Revolution. In other parts of the Colony the fires of revolution smouldered until fanned into flame by Dunmore's stealing of the powder and his wanton act in the burning of Norfolk. Then indeed the demand for liberty became imperative and a resolution...
Page 277 - FROM the C House the Citizens are to pro" ceed to the College, and make Proclamation at " that Place, from whence they are to proceed to " the Capitol and make Proclamation there; and " from thence proceed to the Raleigh & pass the

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