Dream Yoga: Consciousness, Astral Projection, and the Transformation of the Dream State

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Scb Distributors, Oct 1, 2009 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 206 pages
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Learn the methods used by mystics and seers worldwide to awaken consciousness in the dream state. Among the ancient mystics, shamans, Egyptians, Tibetans, and even modern investigators like Carl Jung, consciousness and the dream state have been of the utmost spiritual and psychological importance. Astral projection, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences and vision quests are all part of the extensive practical science of Dream Yoga, the sacred knowledge of consciously harnessing the power of the dream state. Any sincere practitioner who actively utilizes the clues in this book can open the doors to the inner dimensions of nature and the soul, and thereby come to know the truth of the mysteries that exist beyond the reach of our physical senses. "Whosoever awakens the consciousness can no longer dream here in this physical plane or in the internal worlds. Whosoever awakens the consciousness stops dreaming. Whosoever awakens the consciousness becomes a competent investigator of the superior worlds. Whosoever awakens consciousness is an illuminated one. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can study at the feet of the master. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can talk familiarly with the Gods who initiated the dawn of creation. Whosoever awakens the consciousness can remember his innumerable reincarnations." - Samael Aun Weor * Provides step-by-step guidance leading to personal experience in the internal worlds * Explains how to remember dreams and how to understand them * Filled with examples from all the world's religions

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This book was very practical!

User Review  - dayspring108 - Overstock.com

This book gives clues and tips that were so simple and easy to follow. Im not saying that doing the actual techniques were so easy because it does take willpower to break old habits. Samael gives ... Read full review

Review: Dream Yoga: Consciousness, Astral Projection, and the Transformation of the Dream State

User Review  - Joseph Josephson - Goodreads

This book gives clues and tips that were so simple and easy to follow with an open mind and heart. People are used to "modern education" feeding them clear cut outlined and numbered tables to memorize ... Read full review

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About the author (2009)

The name Samael Aun Weor is Hebrew and is pronounced sam-ayel on vay-ohr. Samael Aun Weor wrote over sixty books, gave thousands of lectures, and formed the worldwide Gnostic Movement, whose members number in the millions. And yet, in spite of his wisdom and generosity towards mankind, he said: "Do not follow me. I am just a signpost. Reach your own Self-realization." His lifelong mission was to deliver to humanity the total and exact science to develop the complete human being, that mysterious and ancient wisdom long hidden in the bosom of every great religion.

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