The Camden Miscellany, Volume 6

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Camden Society, 1871 - Great Britain

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Page xxxvi - I want judgment rightly to direct myself in this case, as likewise that I am ignorant how far this may trench upon the privileges of the peers of this land, and upon mine and their safety hereafter. For, if the writ be not obeyed, the law calleth it a...
Page 3 - ... either against the queen or the laws of the realm; that if his enemies chose to bring any charge against him, he was prepared to meet it; that he now perceived that the queen had no longer occasion for his services, and therefore he petitioned her for a licence to enable him to leave the kingdom. Whittingham and I proceed to Richmond; he presents the petition respecting Peter to the secretary, who, as is customary, lays it on the council table, and bids us wait. On that day nothing was done,...
Page 31 - This Durham matter breedeth a great broil. The Dean hath gotten more friends than the matter deserveth. The discredit of the church of Geneva is hotly alleged. Verily, my lord, that church is not touched; for he hath not received his ministry in that church, or by any authority or order from that church, so far as yet can appear.
Page 31 - W. desired that, because those two articles depended upon points of law, that he might by counsell make his answer, which, though some of the Commissioners would not yield unto, yet it was granted by the greater part and the visitation adjourned to York, against which day appointed Mr.
Page 27 - W. did a little interrupt him, taking hold of his gown, and so the business was concluded. But that accident bred a great...
Page xv - in matter of my fidelity and loyalty towards his Majesty, the Prince, and my country, I hope I shall never see that come into compromise, but shall rather lose my life and fortunes than admit the least stain to remain upon me or mine in that kind.
Page 16 - Queen's subjects there forbear the observation of that manner and rite of religion that is here received by authority in this realm. I can surely love you for your good and virtuous gifts, but in this, if it be true, I must needs blame you. I will not argue with you, for my part is much the stronger, and on your part small reasons can be made ; but upon singularity, you, nor any born under this kingdom, may be permitted to break the bond of obedience and uniformity.
Page 34 - ... scarcely passable for the multitude, who with doubled and trebled acclamations of joy strived to exhilarate his heart after all his troubles; but yet all was in vain, for within four days after his return he betook himself to his bed, and never left it till he departed this life, being nine weeks after. And now it is requisite that I should mention what happened concerning him in the time of his so long languishing sickness, how he passed it over, and what was the manner of his death. The Archbishop...

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