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Page 323 - Hic canit errantem lunam solisque labores, Unde hominum genus et pecudes, unde imber et ignes, Arcturum pluviasque Hyadas geminosque Triones, Quid tantum oceano properent se tinguere soles 745 Hiberni, vel quae tardis mora noctibus obstet.
Page 205 - Oxford, says it was only half that sum, and thus particularly explains it : " Because they set down in the battling or butterie bookes in Oxford and Cambridge, the letter q for half a farthing ; and in Oxford when they make that cue or qa farthing, they say, cap my q, and make it a farthing, thus *. But in Cambridge they use this letter, a little f ; thus f, or thus s, for a farthing.
Page 81 - Lure is that whereto Faulconers call their young Hawks, by casting it up in the aire, being made of feathers and leather, in such wise that in the motion it looks not unlike a fowl.
Page 78 - ... excita curis, sed videt ingratos intabescitque videndo successus hominum carpitque et carpitur una suppliciumque suum est. quamvis tarnen oderat illam, talibus adfata est breviter Tritonia dictis: "infice tabe tua natarum Cecropis unam. sie opus est. Aglauros ea est.
Page 68 - In our forefathers tyme, whan Papistrie, as a standyng poole, couered and ouerflowed all England, fewe bookes were read in our tong, sauyng certaine bookes of Cheualrie, as they sayd, for pastime and pleasure, which, as some say, were made in Monasteries, by idle Monkes or wanton Chanons: as 'one for example, Morte Arthure...
Page 100 - Itt hath been alwayes true to the weare, But now it is not worth a groat ; I have had it four and forty yeere...
Page 28 - WITH Ships the sea was sprinkled far and nigh, Like stars in heaven, and joyously it showed ; Some lying fast at anchor in the road, Some veering up and down, one knew not why. A goodly Vessel did I then espy Come like a giant from a haven broad ; And lustily along the bay she strode, Her tackling rich, and of apparel high.
Page 97 - Gill was a current and familiar term for a female. As in the proverb, ' Every Jack must have his Gill,' Ray says it ought to be written Jyll, being a familiar substitute for Julia or Juliana. Gill, however, may be safely written, for from Juliana was derived the popular name Gillian, as well as Gillet from Julietta, either of which would supply the abbreviation Gill. STA. The meaning of...
Page 180 - Gules, on a bend between six cross crosslets fitchy, argent, an escutcheon or, charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced through the mouth with an arrow, within a double tressure, flory counter-flory of the first, for Howard ; (2) Gules, three lions...
Page 91 - Ghost. To all tapsters and tiplers, And all ale house vitlers, Inne-keepers and cookes. That for pot-sale lookes, And will not giue measure, But at your owne pleasure, Contrary to law, Scant measure will draw In pot and in canne, To cozen a man Of his full quart a penny, Of you there's to many : For in King Harry's time, When I made this rime Of Elynor...

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