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John Wiley & Sons, Apr 18, 2011 - Study Aids - 384 pages
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Demystifies the scholarship selection process

Write winning essays and get financial aid

Need money for college? This simple, straightforward guide shows you how to find scholarships, grants, and other "free money" to use toward your college expenses. You get expert advice on applying for federal grants, participating in state tuition plans, competing for scholarships from private organizations, and more - with tips on avoiding scams, completing your applications on time, and finding financial aid from unlikely sources.

The Dummies Way
* Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* Top ten lists
* A dash of humor and fun

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Racial and ethnic diversity
Chapter 13
Hunting for scholarships
Even average or belowaverage students may qualify
Winning by improving
Asking the right people
What Scholarships Are Available?
Departmental scholarships

Finding out whos giving it away
Assembling Your Materials in One Place
Taking Action
Following up
Understanding Application Timelines
Chapter 2
When is the money paid?
Working for Your Free Money
Did You Mention a Free Lunch?
Chapter 3
Being attractive to colleges
Being attractive to institutions
Being attractive to government programs
The Need to Be Needy
Structuring your finances
Chapter 4
Scam Busters of America
How and Why Scams Work
Appealing to your sense of hope
Appealing to your sense of greed
Taking Action If You Get Taken for a Ride
Part II
Chapter 5
Federal Pell Grants
Understanding need
Completing the FAFSA
General information about you
Your income your marital status and your dependency status
Your parents financial information
Select your schools and sign the FAFSA
Completing your FAFSA on the Web
The Next Steps after Completing the FAFSA
Contacting your schools
Changing your SAR if necessary
Getting your grant money
How the Pell Grant differs from the FSEOG
Chapter 6
Loans and Lending 101
Interest rates are related to risk
Qualifying for Federal Loans
Footing the Bill with Stafford Loans
How much can you get?
Interest rates for Stafford loans
Postponing the inevitable deferring or discharging your loan repayments
Letting Your Parents Borrow with PLUS Loans
Direct PLUS versus FFEL PLUS
Sorry Pop you gotta pay now
Finding That Last Bit in Perkins Loans
Putting off your Perkins payments
Canceling your debt
Simplifying Your Life with Consolidation Loans
Blending your payments
Consolidating your Stafford or PLUS Loans
Chapter 7
Giving Tuition Payers a Little Hope
Who can claim the Hope Scholarship Credit?
Okay whats the catch?
How can I calculate my Hope Scholarship Credit?
Lifetime Learning Credits
Knowing how Hope and Lifetime differ
Chapter 8
Tax Implications of Student Loans
Just what is deductible?
Ah yes more deductibility rules
Tuition and Fees Deduction
Who qualifies for this deduction?
The Lowdown on Coverdell ESAs
Coverdell contribution limits
Early Withdrawals from IRAs
How much can I withdraw without penalty?
Part III
Chapter 9
How does a state figure out your residency status?
How does a state know I want to attend college there?
Reciprocity agreements for residency status
Relocation Go west young man or woman
You may have already done the work
What those state deadlines really mean
StatebyState Contacts
Chapter 10
Going for State Aid Even If the Feds Have Turned You Down
Meeting those pesky state deadlines
Getting the paperwork in order
Money for Those with Foresight
Plan 529 from outer space
Each state plan is different but similar
College savings plan list by state
Chapter 11
What do we mean by local?
Dont forget your high school or your friends high school
College grants tied to your town or region
Local Search Tools
Part IV
Chapter 12
Getting Accepted Is Just the Beginning
Will applying for financial aid hurt your chances for admission?
Eligibilitybased tuition discounts
Incentivebased tuition discounts
Other Ways Your College Can Help You Pay Less
External scholarships or grants administered by the college
Its All about Need
Negotiating a Better Deal
Getting more meritbased money
Demanding more money
How Do Colleges Decide How Much to Offer?
Enrollment and cost balancing
It takes some digging
Making an impact
Chapter 14
The screwy world of college divisions
Sport categories
Women are athletes too
You still have to study Einstein
Can a college pull your scholarship away?
Researching Your Sport
The Scouting and Recruiting Process
Being seen
Getting recruited
Other Sources of Athletic Scholarships
Junior colleges
Chapter 15
Doing the prep work
An organization that can help
Free money from American sources
Free money from international sources
Dual citizenship has its advantages
Coming to America? Get Free Money
Loans to international students
Financial aid in your home country
Part V
Chapter 16
Are you eligible?
Why Would They Give Me Free Money?
Applying yourself
Distinguishing yourself
Receiving Graciously Will I Owe Anything if I Take Their Gift?
Following up whether you need to or not
Chapter 17
Free Money from a College?
Understanding the college hierarchy
So how does the hierarchy affect me?
Finding out more
I or My Parents Work for Uncle Sam How Can I Get a Free Ride at College?
Pay now get reimbursed later
Will My Boss Send Me to College?
Reality check
Chapter 18
If Youre In High School
Whats required of me?
When do I apply?
What happens next?
What about military colleges?
What happens after I receive my degree?
Free Money for Dependents of Veterans
Your benefits
Education and training options
Application procedures
Chapter 19
Demand for Higher Education Will Rise
Some Colleges Will Merge or Close
Books Computers and Other Supplies Will Become Cheaper
The Traditional Classroom May Disappear
Scholarships Will Become More Privatized and Personalized
Paperwork Will Get More Complicated
Paperwork Will Involve Less Paper
Chapter 20
Department of Education
Department of Labors Occupational Outlook Handbook
Federal School Code Database
Federal Student Aid FSA Portal
Information Resource Center
The Student Guide for Financial Aid
Military academies
State Resources
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership LEAP
California organizations
Resources about Specific Topics
Loan consolidation and information sites
Private lenders in the student loan business
Resources for international students
Standardized tests
Private and Corporate Resources
Scholarshipgranting organizations
Regulating organizations
Useful books for the college bound
Part VI
Chapter 21
Take the Tests
Advanced Placement exams
Arrange Your Finances Strategically
Get Involved
Apply for Winnable Scholarships
Follow Up
Chapter 22
National Honor Society
Daughters of the American Revolution
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Organization of Chinese Americans
Chapter 23
Planning to Take Out Student Loans and Then Declare Bankruptcy after You Graduate
Depending On Getting an Athletic Scholarship
Figuring Youre Soooooo Smart Colleges Will Be Begging for You
Working During College to Pay Your Expenses
Trying to Apply for Every Scholarship forWhich You Qualify
Paying Someone Else to Do Your Work
Chapter 24
FirstYear Discounts May Disappear
Scholarship Funding May Fall
You Have to Reapply for Scholarships Every Year
Some Scholarship Money Is Taxable
It Costs to Transfer Between Colleges

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