The history of Ophelia, publ. by the author of David Simple

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Page 276 - of, Love light as Air^ at Sight of human Ties, Spreads its light Wings,, and in a Moment flies. " With all the abandoned Rhapfody of " voluptuous Vice. You talk of Free
Page 110 - than all the Opium in Turkey; Diflertations Moral, religious, and entertaining, from which, after much Yawning, you may learn, that it is right to do Right, and wrong to do Wrong, that Friendfhip is better than Enmity, and that it is wifer to
Page 238 - Your Paffion for me is the fame it '* was, all the Difference is in the Com*' panions of it. While accompanied ** by Hope, you know how little I was '* obliged to you for it; now
Page 239 - dark Colours. If you really fuf*' fer, confider to what it is owing, learn " to hate Vice, which as certainly carries *' its Punifhment, as Virtue does its Re
Page 239 - be fecluded from Man" kind, where Virtue makes every Ac*' tion open and intelligible ; there I " am capable of living happily, without ** learning the Arts that here hide every
Page 58 - as I could perceive, with great Hefitation and Difficulty, enquired his Reafon for defiring this Interview ; her Words, were breathed in A Voice too gentle for me to hear, but her Manner explained them. Mr. South did not feem to fpeak with more Facility, nor in a Sound more audible, I could not divine his Meaning,
Page 109 - they frequently rejoice at what is no Benefit, and grieve for what is no Evil; they eagerly purfue Trifles which are not worth a Thought, and neglect Matters of the higheft Importance : In fhort, they will labour Years, to obtain Pleafures which lad but a Day, and, for a Moment's Gratification, will give up the Happinefs which
Page 239 - do you any Good? Your Heart is not " made like mine, therefore I cannot " judge of it." " Can you," cried my
Page 280 - by watching him, my Retreat might be discovered as it was before, but told him, that as they would naturally go to my old Lodgings, if my Lord had really prevailed on her to accompany him, we might gain fome Intelligence from thence. Mr. South went thither accordingly the next Morning, and learnt, that,
Page 128 - acknowledged this to be fo natural and fo common, that it was extremely credible ; and declared himfelf overjoyed to find that my Money, and not my Affections, had been won. He would have repaired my ill Fortune, by giving me much more than I chofe to accept. " He begged, I would not controul ** my Inclinations,

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