The World Displayed: Or, A Curious Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 2

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J. Williams, 1788 - Voyages and travels
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Page 3 - Cortes, they concluded he was loft, and began to deliberate on chunng another commander, but were prevented by his arrival, when he was received with the loud acclamations of his men, and treated with great refpeft by the governor.
Page 239 - Indians had broke down part of the caufeway to inlarge the ditch ; and on the oppofite bank they had raifed a fortification covered with planks: it was however foon deftroyed by the artillery, and the enemy retired into the city. Thus the fhore being left free, Cortes ordered his men to land immediately, and to take on more the horfe and three pieces of cannon ; but before he advanced into the ftreets., he gave orders to Julian de...
Page 7 - Yucatan, with a letter to the prifoners, and fome trifles for their ranfom, and to (lay eight days, in which time fome Indians appointed by the Cacique for that purpofe undertook to return with an anfwer. In the mean time Cortes marched with the troops in a body about the...
Page 120 - Spanilh general refolvsd refolved to take away their lives, they laid the whole blame upon the emperor, whofe orders they had obeyed. Cortes, however, treated this as a malicious afperfion, brought them to a formal trial, in which the Spaniards were both the judges and accufers, and cruelly fentenced them to be burned alive.
Page 169 - Montezuma propofed to mew himfelf to the people from the wall, in order to command the populace to retire, and order the nobles to come unarmed into his prefence, that he might take proper meafures to redrefs their grievances. This motion being approved by Cortes, the Emperor immediately adorned himfelf with the enfigns of royalty...
Page 91 - The nobles had no fooner pafied on the other fide of the bridge, than they fell back on each fide, and made a lane for the army to pafs through, when there appeared a fpacious ftreet, the houfes of which were uniformly built, and the windows and battlements filled with...
Page 5 - February 1519. man man of an enterprizing genius, but of little experience, and imagined that, while he waited for the fleet which was to caft anchor at that ifland, nothing could fo ill become a foldier as inaction, and therefore ordered his men to march, and take a view of the inner part of the ifland.
Page 98 - Motezuma's arms, a griffin with its wings extended, holding a tyger in its talons. When the Spaniards approached this entrance, the Mexicans who accompanied Cortes, walked up to one fide of it, then retiring...
Page 119 - All the time in which he was not employed in bufmefs, he pafled among them, and fometimes he played with Cortes at Tololoque, a game which confifted of tipping down fmall pins of gold with little balls of the fame metal; and as they played for jewels and trinkets, the emperor diftributed his winnings among the Spaniards, and Cortes fhared his good fortune among Montezuma's inferior officers.
Page 166 - ... fought hand to hand with their clubs and two-handed fwords, which they wielded with incredible fury, nor could the fire-arms put a...

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