The Origin and Development of the Moral Ideas (1)

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Volume: 1General Books publication date: 2009Original publication date: 1906Original Publisher: Macmillan and Co., LimitedSubjects: EthicsPrimitive societiesEthics, EvolutionarySociety, PrimitiveNotes: This is a black and white OCR reprint of the original. It has no illustrations and there may be typos or missing text.When you buy the General Books edition of this book you get free trial access to where you can select from more than a million books for free.Excerpt: CHAPTER II THE NATURE OF THE MORAL EMOTIONS In the preceding chapter it was asserted, in general terms, that the moral concepts are based on emotions, and the leading arguments to the contrary were met. We shall now proceed to examine the nature of the moral emotions. These emotions are of two kinds: disapproval, or indignation, and approval. They have in common characteristics which make them moral emotions, in distinction from others of a non-moral character, but at the same time both of them belong to a wider class of emotions, which I call retributive emotions. Again, they differ from each other in points which make each of them allied to certain non-moral retributive emotions, disapproval to anger and revenge, and approval to that kind of retributive kindly emotion which in its most developed form is gratitude. They may thus, on the one hand, be regarded as two distinct divisions of the moral emot1ons, whilst, on the other hand, disapproval, like anger and revenge, forms a sub-species of resentment, and approval, like gratitude, forms a sub-species of retributive kindly emotion. The following diagram will help to elucidate the matter: -- Retributive Emotions. Resentment. Retributive Kindly Emotion. Anger and Moral Moral Non-moral retri- Rcvenge. disapproval. approval. butive Kindly Emotion, I - including Gratitude. Mural Emotions. chapter{Section 4 A'/ That moral disapproval is a kind of resentment and akin to anger and revenge, and that moral approv...

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