Military Operations in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia During the Revolution

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J. Munsell, 1867 - Maine - 336 pages
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Page 69 - that it is our Minds and Desire to submit ourselves to the government of the Massachusetts Bay and that we are Ready with our Lives and fortunes to Share with them the Event of the present Struggle for Liberty, however God in his Providence may order it. 4*
Page 310 - of Massachusetts Bay, to pay you the money which Capt Smith promised you for sending my letters to the Micmack Indians. • BROTHERS : I have a piece of news to tell you which I hope you will attend to. Our enemy, the
Page 319 - Passamaquoddy. Thus connected there appears no distinction in the right of the several hunting grounds, for all by some tie or other have an equal claim, are fully domesticated as if natives of the district
Page 319 - years of age but is acquaint'd and known within this circle. The very easy conveyance by the Lakes, rivers and Streams so Interspersed in this Country, they can easy take their women children & baggage, where ever their Interest, Curiosity, or caprice may lead them,
Page 56 - your liberty is the same, we are Brothers and what is for our good is for your good. And we by standing together shall make them wicked men afraid & overcome them and all be free men.
Page 58 - we hereby strictly forbid any person or persons whatsoever from trespassing or making waste upon any of the lands and territories or possessions beginning at the head of the tide on Penobscot river, extending six miles on each side of said river now claimed by our brethren the Indians of the Penobscot tribe, as they would avoid the highest displeasure of this Congress.
Page 56 - ourselves to do, to get rid of the slavery designed to be brought upon us have thought it our duty to write you the following Letter. Brothers, the great wickedness of such as should be our
Page 325 - from the war were subsided, notice would be taken of them; but nothing encouraging coming to view they began to withdraw in small bodies to their former Settlements, destitute of necessaries to subsist,
Page 74 - with our scaling Ladders & other Accoutrements, but finding the Fort to be stronger than we imagined (occasioned by late Repairs) "We thought fit to Relinquish our Design after a heavy firing from their Great Guns and small Arms with Intermission for 2 Hours, which we Sustained without any Loss (Except one Indian being wounded) who behaved very gallantly, and Retreated in good Order to our Camp.
Page 64 - and Delawares would not listen to their advice, but Kept fast hold of our ancient Covenant Chain. The Cherokees and the Southern Tribes were foolish enough to hearken to them and? to take up the hatchet against us, upon which our "Warriors went into their Country burnt their Houses destroyed their corn and obliged them to sue for peace and to give Hostages for their future good behavour—

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