An Abstract of the British West Indian statutes, for the protection and government of slaves

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Page 14 - Upon a review of the whole of this law, I am commanded by His Majesty to express his " satisfaction with the general disposition of the Council and Assembly to adopt the re" commendations addressed to them on this important subject.
Page 28 - And it is further ordered and declared, That it is, and shall henceforth be, illegal for any Person or Persons within the said Island of Trinidad, to carry any whip, cat, or other instrument of the like nature...
Page 24 - Company shall restore, and hereby covenants that it will restore and yield possession as aforesaid, and will account for and pay to the said...
Page iv - That this body, identified in interest with the colonial legislatures, and placing implicit confidence in their proceeding?, recognize iu those measures, which they have adopted for the improvement of the slave population, that humane disposition, as well as that local experience and practical observation, without which any plans of amelioration would be no less injurious to the slaves themselves than to the proprietors. "That the West India body repeat the declaration, that they have never directly...
Page 3 - ... carry his labour, his only possession, during the time nominally his own, to the best market. That it proceeds from no regard for the sanctity of the sabbath, and from no humane disposition to relieve the slave, will appear when we come to consider the next head of pretended amelioration. 6th. " 10. Directs that slaves shall not be compelled to work on Sundays even in crop time, and prohibits the mill being put about between 7 p. M., on Saturday, and 5 p. M. on Monday.
Page 3 - ... of the planters in the West Indies, we shall advert to one or two other clauses in this imposing abstract, which are exhibited by the committee as ameliorating provisions, and which will farther assist the public in judging of the views and feelings of that body. " 26. (it stands 27 in the Act) Slaves to have half an hour for breakfast, and two hours for dinner ; nor to be compelled to field labour before five in the morning, or after seven at night, except during crop, under penalty of 50.
Page 27 - An Act to repeal several Acts and Clauses of Acts respecting Slaves, and for the better Order and Government of Slaves, and for other Purposes;" and also to repeal the several Acts and Clauses of Acts, which were repealed by the Act intituled as aforesaid ; and for consolidating, and bringing into one Act, the several Laws relating to Slaves, and for giving them further Protection and Security ; for altering the Mode of Trial of Slaves charged with capital Offences; and for other Purposes.
Page 4 - All they venture to say upon it is, that " where a levy shall be made of a family or families, each family shall be sold together and in one lot.
Page iii - At a Meeting of the Standing- Committee of West India Planters and Merchants, held at the West India Committee Rooms, 60, St.
Page 20 - Acts to improve the condition of the slave population ; and considering that- they are framed, in general, in such a manner as to promote the well-being of that class of society, his Majesty has, with the advice of his Privy Council, been pleased to confirm them,

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