A manual of domestic economy: suited to families spending from 100 to 1000 a year. Including directions for the management of the nursery and sick room, and the preparation and administrations of domestic remedies

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G. Routledge & Co., 1856 - Home economics - 736 pages
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Page 86 - Where the employer is a body of persons corporate or unincorporate, the notice shall be served by delivering the same at or by sending it by post in a registered letter addressed to the office, or, if there be more than one office, any one of the offices of such body.
Page 86 - Any Award given by such One Surveyor, or by such Three Surveyors, or any Two of them, shall be conclusive, and shall not be questioned in any Court, with this Exception, that either of the Parties to the Difference may appeal therefrom to the County Court within Fourteen Days from the Date of the Delivery of...
Page 83 - The roof, flat, or gutter of every building, and every balcony, verandah, shop front, or other projection, must be so arranged and constructed, and so supplied with gutters and pipes, as to prevent the water therefrom from dropping upon or running over any public way : 5.
Page 90 - The projection of the bottom of the footing of every wall, on each side of the wall, shall be at least equal to one-half of the the thickness of the wall at its base; and the diminution of the footing of every wall...
Page 231 - Do not cross nor go upwards. The dirt of the paper and the crumbs will fall together. Observe, you must not wipe above half a yard at a stroke and after doing all the upper part, go round again, beginning a little above where you left off. If you do not do it extremely lightly, you will make the dirt adhere to the paper. It will look Шее new if properly done.
Page 481 - ... they may agreeably form a full half, instead of being only used to ornament it. This root is cooling and very wholesome. It is extremely good boiled, and sliced with a small quantity of onion ; or stewed with whole onions, large or small, as follows : — Boil the beet tender with the skin on, slice it into a stew-pan with a little broth, and a spoonful of vinegar ; simmer till the gravy is tinged with the colour, then put it into a small dish, and make a round of the...
Page 80 - Recesses may be made in party walls, provided that, 1. The backs of such recesses are not of less thickness than thirteen inches; and, 2. That every recess so formed is arched over, and that the area of such recesses do not, taken altogether, exceed one half of the whole area of the wall of the story in which they are made ; and, 3.
Page 88 - Hie right hereinbefore vested in any building owner, and rebuilt in conformity with this Act, the expense of such pulling down and rebuilding shall be borne by the building owner and adjoining owner, in due proportion, regard being had to the use that each owner makes of such rooms or stories.
Page 87 - ... by this Act to execute, to give such security as may be agreed upon, or in case of difference may be settled by the judge of the •county court, for the payment of all such costs and compensation in respect of such •work as may be payable by such building owner.
Page 228 - Shake off the loose dust, then lightly brush with a small long-haired furniture brush ; after which wipe it closely with clean flannels, and rub it with dry bread. If properly done, the curtains will look nearly as well as at first, and if the colour be not light, they will not require washing for years. Fold in large parcels, and put carefully by. While the furniture remains up, it should be preserved from the sun and air as much as possible, which injure delicate colours ; and the dust may be blown...

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