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"Disassociation" from the title is not even correctly spelt... why bother with pop-psychology? This takes a sensational look at mental health, linking it with committing crime and "fantasy" despite the studies which show that is it unrelated to fantasy-proneness. Dissociation which is "pathological" (related to a mental disorder) is unrelated to normal dissociation (like daydreaming or so-called highway hypnosis). The author refers to the most severe dissociative disorder as "extreme" when it is at least as common as schizophrenia, with studies showing a prevalence of 1-3% in the general population.
Much better books exist, Dr Cameron West's classic First Person Plural is an insight into living with dissociative identity disorder, and Dr Marlene Steinberg's Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation a hidden epidemic is excellent. Steinberg developed the SCID-D clinical interview for assessing dissociation disorders and did not feel the need to rely on a single "good friend" with DID and a single autobiography alone, she is a leader in the field.

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