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Lovell Coryell, 1882 - 794 pages
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Page 51 - O'er all the hill-tops Is quiet now, In all the tree-tops Hearest thou Hardly a breath ; The birds are asleep in the trees : Wait ; soon like these Thou too shalt rest.
Page 51 - THOU that from the heavens art. Every pain and sorrow stillest, And the doubly wretched heart Doubly with refreshment fillest, I am weary with contending ! Why this rapture and unrest ? Peace descending Come, ah, come into my breast ! II.
Page 12 - THROPGH the forest idly, As my steps I bent, With a free and happy heart, Singing as I went. Cowering in the shade I Did a floweret spy, Bright as any star in heaven, Sweet as any eye. Down to pluck it stooping, Thus to me it said, "Wherefore pluck me only To wither and to fade?
Page 125 - Be thou still, I pray, As thou wert at first ! Will enough Never please thee ? I will seize thee, Hold thee fast, And thy nimble wood so tough, With my sharp axe split at last. See, once more he hastens back ! Now, oh, Cobold, thou shalt catch it ! I will rush upon his track ; Crashing on him falls my hatchet. Bravely done, indeed ! See, hu's cleft in twain ! Now from care I'm freed, And can breathe again.
Page 213 - I'll hide among the rushes. [They hide themselves.] [Enter on horseback, GOETZ, LERSE, GEORGE, and Troopers, all completely armed.] GOETZ. Away into the wood, by the ditch on the left, — then we have them in the rear. [They gallop off.] FIRST IMPERIALIST [descending].
Page 379 - TALISMANS. GOD is of the east possessed, God is ruler of the west ; North and south alike, each land Rests within His gentle hand. \ HE, the only righteous one, Wills that right to each be done. 'Mongst His hundred titles, then, Highest praised be this ! — Amen.
Page 240 - ACT V SCENE I. A village plundered by the insurgent peasantry. Shrieks and tumult. Women, old men, and children fly across the stage. OLD MAN. Away! Away! Let us fly from the murdering dogs. WOMAN. Sacred Heaven! How blood-red is the sky! How blood-red the setting sun! • ANOTHER. That must be fire. A THIRD. My husband! My husband! OLD MAN. Away! Away! To the wood! [Exeunt.] [Enter LINK and Insurgents.] LINK. Whoever opposes you, down with him! The village is ours. Let none of the booty be injured,...
Page 216 - Selbitz, thou hast cut thy way — we will sow the heath with these thistle heads. [Gallop off.] [A loud alarm, with shouting and firing for some minutes.} [SELBITZ is borne in wounded by two Troopers.] SELBITZ.
Page 120 - They have left our hearth, and left it lonely — The old gods, that bright and jocund train. One, unseen, in heaven, is worshipp'd only, And upon the cross a Saviour slain ; Sacrifice is here, Not of lamb nor steer, But of human woe and human pain.
Page 52 - Rise thy swelling floods, Or in spring thou hast delight Watering the young buds. Happy he who, hating none, Leaves the world's dull noise, And, with trusty friends alone, Quietly enjoys What, forever unexpressed, Hid from common sight, Through the mazes of the breast Softly steals by night!

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