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Page 204 - Congress, and one delegate to a National Convention for the purpose of nominating candidates for President and Vice-President of the United States. The...
Page 819 - He laughs when the attorney-general's bolts would seem to rive his heart. He will laugh when you declare him guilty. When the judge shall proceed to the last fatal ceremony, and demand what he has to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon him, although there should not be an unmoistened eye in this vast assembly, and the stern voice addressing him should tremble with emotion, he will even then look up in the face of the Court and laugh, from the irresistible emotions of a shattered...
Page 485 - It includes the periods of four generations. In a single century four thousand millions of human beings appear on the earth, act their busy parts, and sink into its peaceful bosom.
Page 817 - Have you Counsel? No. And they went through the same mockery, the prisoner giving the same answers, until a third indictment was thundered in his ears ; and he stood before the Court, silent, motionless, and bewildered. Gentlemen, you may think of this evidence what you please, bring in what verdict you can, but I asseverate before Heaven and you, that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the prisoner at the bar does not at this moment know why it is that my shadow falls on you instead of his...
Page 789 - Our population is destined to roll its resistless waves to the icy barriers of the North, and to encounter oriental civilization on the shores of the Pacific.
Page 692 - The committee submitted resolutions for the expulsion of William J. Graves, Henry A. Wise and George W. Jones. Finally, after a long debate, the whole subject was laid on the table by a vote of one hundred and two to seventy-six, a vote of censure merely being passed. High as party feeling ran at the time, indignation and denunciation were by no means confined to one side in politics. "Never,
Page 492 - Oh what has caused this great commotion Motion, motion — our country through? It is the ball a-rolling on For Tippecanoe and Tyler, too, For Tippecanoe and Tyler, too...
Page 373 - ... must have anticipated every suggestion I could make in defence of my views when they differ from your own. I dismiss the interrogatory, therefore, with the simple negative I feel myself constrained to give. Your third question is : " Are you in favor of a repeal of the law which now authorizes the importation of slaves into this state, and their detention as such during a period of nine months ?" The provisions of our statute on the subject of slavery are as follows, viz.
Page 812 - Court was informed that they were ready to render the verdict required. One juror, however, hesitated. The next day was the Sabbath. The jury were called, and the Court remonstrated with the dissentient, and pressed the necessity of a verdict. That juror gave way at last, and the bell which summoned our citizens to Church for the evening service, was the signal for the discharge of the jury, because they had agreed. Even thus a legal verdict could not be extorted. The eleven jurors, doubtless under...
Page 578 - Your parliament had done us no wrong. You had ever been friendly to the rights of mankind; and we acknowledge, with pleasure and gratitude, that your nation has produced patriots, who have nobly distinguished themselves in the cause of humanity and America.

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