Four Years in Burmah, Volume 2

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C.J. Skeet, 1860 - Burma

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Page 269 - Sometime we see a cloud that's dragonish; A vapour, sometime, like a bear, or lion, A tower'd citadel, a pendant rock, A forked mountain, or blue promontory With trees upon't, that nod unto the world, And mock our eyes with air.
Page 53 - knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming.
Page 55 - are met with in companies; and when seen at a distance, near the mouths of rivers, coming towards an observer, which they often do with their wings extended, may well be taken for canoes upon the surface of a smooth sea; when on the
Page 37 - Immediately upon its being captured, it was bound with cords covered with scarlet, and the most considerable of the mandarins were deputed to attend it. A house such as is occupied by the greatest ministers, was built for its reception ; and numerous servants were appointed to watch
Page 50 - four pounds twice a day are readily devoured, the digestion being excessively rapid. If by accident a large fish sticks in the gullet, it has the power of inflating that part to its utmost, and while in that state the head and neck are violently shaken in order to promote its passage.
Page 132 - oil, making the whole number of persons engaged on each well, only four. The oil is carried to the village or port, in carts, drawn by a pair of bullocks, each cart conveying from ten to fourteen pots of ten viss each, or from two hundred and sixty-five to three hundred and seventy-one pounds avoirdupois, of the commodity.
Page 56 - known to swallow a leg of mutton of five or six pounds, a hare, a small fox, &c. After a time the bones are rejected from the stomach, which seems to be voluntary, for it has been known that an ounce or two of emetic tartar given to one of these birds produced no
Page 38 - mosquitos, a beautiful net of silk was made to protect it from them; and to preserve it from all harm, mandarins and guards watched by it day and night. No sooner was the news spread abroad that a white elephant had been taken, than immense multitudes of every age,
Page 50 - order that it may discover its prey at a greater distance and with more certainty than could be effected by keeping its eyes above the surface, which is agitated by the air, and rendered unfit for visional purposes. If the fish is of the flat kind it
Page 130 - and ascertained its depth to be two hundred and ten feet, thus corresponding exactly with the report of our conductor—a matter which we did not look for, considering the extraordinary carelessness of the Burmans in all matters of this description. A pot of

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