Deterioration and the Elevation of Man Through Race Education, Volume 1

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Lee & Shepard, 1877 - Degeneration
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Page 185 - The poet or philosopher illustrates his age and country by the efforts of a single mind; but these superior powers of reason or fancy are rare and spontaneous productions; and the genius of Homer, or Cicero, or Newton, would excite less admiration if they could be created by the will of a prince or the lessons of a preceptor.
Page 194 - that the floors are commonly of clay, strewed with rushes, under which lies unmolested an ancient collection of beer, grease, fragments, bones, spittle, excrements of dogs and cats, and everything that is nasty'.
Page 130 - On the broad and firm foundation of health alone can the loftiest and most enduring structures of the intellect be reared...
Page 156 - That all children within this province, of the age of twelve years, shall be taught some useful trade or skill, to the end none may be idle; but the poor may work to live and the rich, if they become poor, may not want.
Page 76 - ... robbery ; one great-grandson died guilty of many robberies ; two great-granddaughters died in prison, where they were sent for theft ; one great-greatgrandson condemned to death for murder and robbery. Bruce Thompson tells of 904 convicts at Perth, 404 of whom were recommitted. In a house of detention were 109 convicts belonging to 50 families, and 8 members of one family. A most striking illustration of hereditary degeneracy offers the Thirtieth Annual Report of the Prison Association of the...
Page 368 - The high brick blocks and closely -packed houses where the mobs originated seemed to be literally hives of sickness and vice. It was wonderful to see, and difficult to believe, that so much misery, disease, and wretchedness can be huddled together and hidden by high walls, unvisited and unthought of, so near our own abodes.
Page 439 - " 430 Bellevue Hospital 768 Nursery Hospital, Randall's Island .... 734 New York State Emigrants' Hospital, Ward's Island 559 New York Hospital, Broadway 405 New York Dispensary, Centre Street . . . 1,580 Northern " Waverley Place . . 327 Eastern " . Ludlow Street . . . 630 Demilt " Second Avenue . . 803 Northwestern " Eighth " . . 344 Medical Colleges 207 King's County Hospital, Flatbush, LI . . 311 Brooklyn City Hospital, Brooklyn, LI . . 186 Seaman's Retreat, Staten Island 365 Total 9,847 Cases...
Page 94 - The course of study hitherto briefly described is, what I can guess by reading, likest to those ancient and famous schools of Pythagoras, Plato, Isocrates, Aristotle, and such others, out of which were bred such a number of renowned philosophers, orators, historians, poets, and princes all over Greece, Italy, and Asia, besides the flourishing studies of Cyrene and Alexandria.
Page 27 - ... professions. An extended civilization like ours comprises more interests than the ordinary statesmen or philosophers of our present race are capable of dealing with, and it exacts more intelligent work than our ordinary artisans and labourers are capable of performing. Our race is overweighted, and appears likely to be drudged into degeneracy by demands that exceed its powers.
Page 361 - In these cellar-houses no distinction of sex and age is made. Sometimes a man is found sleeping with one woman, sometimes with two women, and sometimes with young girls ; sometimes brothers and sisters of the age of 1 8, 19, and 20, are found in bed together; while at other times a husband and his wife share their bed with all their children.

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