Military Schools and Courses of Instruction in the Science and Art of War in France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Sardinia, England, and the United States

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J.B. Lippincott & Company, 1862 - Military education
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Page 39 - In that case we should begin by calculating the third side, and then use it with the first side to determine the desired angle by means of its tangent. When two sides of a triangle and the included angle are given, the tangent of the half difference of the desired angles may be calculated with advantage; but we may also separately determine the tangent of each of them. When the three sides of a triangle are given, the best formula for calculating an angle, and the only one never at fault, is that...
Page 29 - The volume of any prism is equal to the product of its base by its altitude. Let V denote the volume, B the base, and H the altitude of the prism DA'.
Page 242 - The non-commissioned officers arc chosen annually by the inspectors-general — one each regiment of cavalry — from among those that show a peculiar aptness for equitation and are distinguished by good conduct, information, zeal, and intelligence ; those who are recommended for promotion in their corps are selected in preference. Their age must not exceed twenty-five years, and they must have served at least one year in the ranks. These pupils, numbering about four hundred, are sent to the...
Page 341 - ... establishment, for hair-cutting and combing, for washing the neck and shoulders, the feet, and for other minute matters. The object of the Trade School, is, in part, to economize the funds of the institution, by making within its walls articles of clothing required for the pupils but more to secure the acquisition, not only of general mechanical dexterity, but of a trade, which may serve to increase their emoluments when they enter the military service. There are, at present, one hundred and...
Page 28 - Eegular polygons of the same number of sides are similar, and their perimeters are to each other as the radii of the circles to which they are inscribed or circumscribed.— The circumferences of circles are to each other as their radii.
Page 241 - THE CAVALRY SCHOOL AT SAUMUR. THIS school was established in 1826, and is considered* the most perfect and extensive institution of the kind in Europe, — perhaps the only one really deserving the title, the others being more properly mere schools of equitation. It is under the control of the Minister of War, and was established for the purpose of perfecting the officers of the cavalry corps in all the branches of knowledge necessary to their efficiency, and especially in the principles of equitation,...
Page 30 - In every spherical triangle any one side is less than the sum of the other two. The . shortest path from one point to another, on the surface of the sphere, is the arc of a great circle which joins the two given points.
Page 45 - ... line. Through a given point, to pass a plane parallel to a given plane. To construct the plane which passes through three points given in space. Two planes being given, to find...
Page 271 - They aro taught to pick their way over scattered stones or stakes driven into the ground ; and it has even been thought expedient to teach them how to walk systematically on stilts. They are taught swimming — all its necessary movements before they go into the water ; and many, I was told, strike out at once, at the first trial, thus proving the physiological or anatomical efficacy of the well-considered mode of tuition.
Page 109 - ... Principle of the equality of action and reaction. What is meant by the force of inertia ? Principle of the independence and composition of the effects of forces. Forces proportional to the acceleration which they produce on the same body. Composition of forces. Relation between the accelerating force, the pressure, and the mass.

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