The London Journal of Botany: Containing Figures and Descriptions of ... Plants ... Together with Botanical Notices and Information and ... Memoirs of Eminent Botanists, Volume 5

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H. Baillière, 1846 - Botany
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Page 155 - Quito, Pichincha et Tambillo, (Jameson, n. 185 et 67.) This is described as a tree of middle size, growing at an elevation of about 9000 feet above the level of the sea.
Page 518 - The American Board of Foreign Missions has committed an error in not aiding Mr. Spalding, or giving and entrusting to his hands the surveillance of all the Missions of that Board in Oregon. They leave him to struggle alone, and consequently the credit and praise belong solely to him.
Page 166 - reflexis. Capsula calyce persistente tecta, 2-locularis, septicide 2-valvis, valvis introflexis demum 2-partitis, dissepimento placentari libero. Semina plurima, minima, ovata, facie interna angulata, hilo ventrali. Embryo intra albumen carnosum fere rectus, cotyledonibus oblongis, compressis, radicula infera tereti vix latioribus, et longitudine
Page 628 - L., the true species, flowering, but not in fruit, during my stay. Cassia ruscifolia, which is indigenous, according to Jacquin, in Madeira, Mr. Lowe assures me, certainly does not grow in the island, and that Cassia occidentalis exists only in a single garden. The history of these species remains therefore still obscure. Tuesday, May
Page 529 - We went with Professor Fries to see the house in which Linnaeus lived, and the garden where he cultivated his " Hort. Upsal." plants, now no longer belonging to the family; but in which the buildings used by this great father of modern botany as greenhouses and lectureroom still exist, and a
Page 628 - the Bamboo was not more generally grown, as it succeeds so well; and I agree with him. On Monday and Tuesday I made excursions in the valley called the Corral, and to the great water-fall, which yielded me, besides the common plants of Madeira, a few rare ones,
Page 455 - Contributions towards a FLORA OF BRAZIL, being the characters of several New Species of COMPOSITE, belonging to the tribe
Page 246 - Catalogue of the first Series of Plants of JAVA, collected by MR. TH. LOBB, sets of which have been announced for sale by Mr. Heward, Young Street, Kensington, (see p.
Page 517 - Mr. S. is by far the most successful Indian missionary deputed by the American Board of Foreign
Page 645 - Flindt established about this time, another plantation on the River Volta near the Fort, the main object being distillation; but this was soon discontinued. About ten years ago, I believe another plantation was formed at the foot of the mountain in

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