A Library Primer

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Library Bureau, 1899 - Library science - 180 pages
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Page 26 - ... a library should be planned with a view to economical administration; the rooms for public use should be so arranged as to allow complete supervision with the fewest possible attendants...
Page 26 - This form of shelving leaves more elbowroom in passing, admits more light, and provides a temporary resting-place for books in use or in transit. Three feet between floor-cases is ample for all purposes of administration. No shelf, in any form of book-case, should be higher than a person of moderate height can reach without a step-ladder. Shelving for folios and quartos should be provided in every bookroom. Straight flights are preferable to circular stairs.
Page 77 - The number of each line, called the accession number, is written on the back of the title page of the book described on that line. The accession book is a life history of every book in the library. It forms such a record as any business-like person would wish to have of property entrusted to his care.
Page 152 - The association seeks In every practicable way to develop and strengthen the public library as an essential part of the American education system.
Page 70 - In both joined and disjoined bauds dot i and cross t accurately to avoid confusion; eg Giulio carelessly dotted has been arranged under Guilio in the catalogue. Cross t one space from line. Dot i and j one and a half spaces from line. In foreign languages special care is essential. Joined hand. Connect all the letters of a word into a single word picture. Complete each letter; eg do not leave gap between body and stem of b and d, bring loop of f back to stem, etc.
Page 85 - ... subject in a perfectly unmistakable way, the letters never being used to signify countries, and the figures never being used for any other subjects but countries. Thus 45 is England wherever it occurs; eg F being history and G geography, F45 is the history of England, 045 the geography of England.
Page 85 - States, and so on), so that it is possible to express the local relations of any subject in a perfectly unmistakable way, the letters never • being used to signify countries, and the figures never being used to signify any other subjects but countries.
Page 135 - There had never been a library in the village except a small circulating library. We all believed that the use of books and the greater knowledge of books would be a common center of interest around which we could all work and toward which we would be glad to •give work. The result of five years...
Page 81 - Cyclopedias, periodicals, etc., so general in character as to belong to no one of these classes, are marked nought, and form a tenth class.
Page 140 - The order of business of the meetings of the Board shall be as follows : 1. Roll call. 2. Reading of minutes not previously read.

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