An Essay on National Pride

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J. Wilkie, 1771 - Nationalism - 306 pages

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Page 278 - and ftill another fpreads ; Friend, parent, neighbour, firft it will embrace; His country next, and next all human race; Wide and more wide th' o'er-flowings of the mind, Take ev'ry creature in of ev'ry kind.
Page 258 - whom he had gained, having waited fix months for the fignal, no fooner perceived it, than he let down a cord from the top of the precipice, to which thofe below fattened the cable, by which means it was wound up to the top, and made
Page 260 - he obliged him to mount by pricking him. in the back with his poinard; and doubtlefs, if he ; had not obeyed him he would have precipitated him.-. into the fea. At length, with incredible labour and: fatigue,
Page 162 - of their neighbours, and flaughter of enemies, and died in battle, or of violent deaths upon bold adventures,
Page 191 - freedom, and their thoughts deviate greatly from the old ftandard. The lateft Italian philofophers have broken the fetters of the hierarchy and defpotifm, with a boldnefs fcarce to be parallelled. He who has perufed the Riformo
Page 191 - themfelves out in furpafling each other •in every kind of human fcience, whilft in the mean time, the commonality at Rome, and all over Italy is without knowledge or principle, and their only
Page 292 - This book is under no circumstances to b< taken from the Building
Page 253 - foundation will I build my fame, And emulate the Greek and Roman name. Think England's
Page 259 - foldiers to mount the ladder in the fame manner,, one after another, with their weapons tied round their bodies, himfelf bringing up the rear, to take away all hope of returning; which indeed foon became
Page 258 - in two large boats, to the foot of the rock. He had provided himfelf with a, thick cable, equal in length to the height of the rock, and tying knots at equal diftances, run

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