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Page 201 - Not from here, but on. he was being attacked. 9 "... then burst his mighty heart ; And, in his mantle muffling up his face, Even at the base of Pompey's statua, 493. CAESAR OCTAVIANUS AUGUSTUS. 63 BC to
Page 182 - Proserpin gathering flowers, Herself a fairer flower, by gloomy Dis Was gather'd, which cost Ceres all that pain To seek her through the world." 457. Proserpina, Cereris filia,
Page 73 - fuit inimicus superavit. LESSON XXXI. Comparison of Adjectives. ABLATIVE OF COMPARISON. 190. In Latin, as in English, there are three degrees of comparison, the positive, the comparative, and the superlative. 191. POSITIVE. COMPARATIVE. SUPERLATIVE.
Page 83 - magis maxime a. Observe that the comparative of the adverb is the same as the neuter accusative singular of the comparative of the adjective ; and that the superlative is formed from the superlative of the adjective by changing, as in the positive, the final o of the stem to e. b. If the adjective is
Page 215 - ORDINALS. primus, -a, -um secundus (or alter) tertius quartus quintus sextus septimus octavus nonus decimus undecimus duodecimus tertius decimus quartus decimus quintus decimus sextus decimus septimus decimus duodevlcesimus undevicesimus vicesimus
Page 222 - amator, thou shalt be loved. amator, he shall be loved. amantor, they shall be loved. INFINITIVE. PRES. amare, to love. amari, to be loved. PERF. amavisse, to have loved, amatus esse, to have been loved. FUT. amaturus esse, to be
Page 227 - thou shalt be ruled. regitor, he shall be ruled. reguntor, they shall be ruled. INFINITIVE. PRES. regere, to rule. regi, to be ruled. PERF. rexisse, to have ruled. rectus esse, to have been ruled. FUT.
Page 214 - J [cis, citra, on this side.] citerior, hither, citimus, hithermost. [in, intra, in, within^ interior, inner. intimus, inmost. [prae, pro, before.\ prior, former. primus, first. [prope, near.~\ propior, nearer, proximus, next. [ultra, beyond.] ulterior, further, ultimus, furthest. bonus, -a, -um, good. malus, -a, -um, bad. magnus, -a, -um, great. multus -a, -um, much.
Page 79 - See 168. 2 Omit and use the neuter 4 Masculine gender. Why ? plural, of the adjective. LESSON XXXIII. Comparison of Adjectives. — Continued. ABLATIVE OF DEGREE OF DIFFERENCE. 207. The following adjectives form the comparative and superlative irregularly: POSITIVE. COMPARATIVE. bonus, -a, -um, good. malus, -a, -um, bad. magnus, -a, -um, great. multus, -a, -um, much.
Page 184 - LESSON LXXI. Periphrastic Conjugations. DATIVE OF AGENT. 461. Learn the future active participle and the gerundive of the model and irregular verbs. 462. The First or Active Periphrastic Conjugation is formed by combining the future active participle with the verb sum: IND. PRES. Amaturus sum, / am about to {going to, intending to) love. IND. IMP. Amaturus

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