The Hawaiian Forester and Agriculturist: A Quarterly Magazine of Forestry, Entomology, Plant Inspection and Animal Industry, Volume 5; Volume 1908

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Advertiser Publishing Company, Limited, 1908 - Agriculture
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Page 3 - ... without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life.
Page 158 - Members of Congress and others into conference. We agree that further action is advisable to ascertain the present condition of our natural resources and to promote the conservation of the same; and to that end we recommend...
Page 233 - I beg to transmit herewith printed copies of the report of the Board of Commissioners of Agriculture and Forestry of the Territory of Hawaii for the biennial period ending December 31st, 1916.
Page 165 - But it is recognized that the state as quasi-sovereign and representative of the interests of the public has a standing in court to protect the atmosphere, the water, and the forests within its territory, irrespective of the assent or dissent of the private owners of the land most immediately concerned (Kansas vs.
Page 157 - We agree, in the light of facts brought to our knowledge and from information received from sources which we cannot doubt, that this material basis is threatened with exhaustion. Even as each succeeding generation, from the birth of the Nation, has performed its part in promoting the progress and development of the Republic, so do we in this generation recognize it as a high duty to perform our part, and this duty, in large degree, lies in the adoption of measures for the conservation of the natural...
Page 130 - This Conference on the conservation of natural resources is in effect a meeting of the representatives of all the people of the United States called to consider the weightiest problem now before the Nation; and the occasion for the meeting lies in the fact that the natural resources of our country are in danger of exhaustion if we permit the old wasteful methods of exploiting them longer to continue.
Page 157 - ... unremittingly the attention of the nation, the states and the people in earnest cooperation. These natural resources include the land on which we live and which yields our food ; the living waters which fertilize the soil, supply power and form great avenues of commerce; the forests, which yield the materials for our homes, prevent erosion of the soil and conserve the navigation and other uses of our streams, and the minerals which form the basis of our industrial life and supply us with heat,...
Page 165 - ... unimpaired by its citizens is not dependent upon any nice estimate of the extent of present use or speculation as to future needs. The legal conception of the necessary is apt to be confined to somewhat rudimentary wants, and there are benefits from a great river that might escape a lawyer's view. But the State is not required to submit even to an aesthetic analysis.
Page 100 - Minneapolis, from a thousand to fifteen hundred miles from the nearest seaboard, and under the auspices of men paid from a dollar and a half to two dollars and a half per day for their labor, is sold in European markets at rates which are determinative of the prices which Russian peasants, Egyptian "fellahs...
Page 164 - Massachusetts at least), we do not think the proposed legislation would operate to 'take' private property within the inhibition of the Constitution. While it might restrict the owner of wild and uncultivated lands in his use of them, might delay his taking some of the product, might...

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