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Patterson's partnership with Ledwidge is already up to the fifth installment in the perilous adventures of NYPD Detective Michael Bennett (Tick Tock, 2011, etc.).After long hours planning and praying and waiting for the perfect chance, the NYPD-DEA task force charged with arresting Manuel "the Sun King" Perrine, head of Mexico's Tepito drug cartel, is ready to pounce. Despite some last-minute ... Read full review

Review: I, Michael Bennett

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Michael Bennett is one of the more unusual characters in James Patterson's universe. A highly decorated NYPD detective, Bennett is a widower with 10 children. With the help of Mary Catherine, the family's fulltime nanny (and his erstwhile romantic interest), and Seamus, his crusty but lovable grandfather (who, interestingly enough, is a priest), Bennett does much better than one might expect in ... Read full review

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After reading or listening to thousands of books, in my 74 years, I feel this was the WORSE book I have ever read! Does Mr. Patterson need the money so bad he has to publish this garbage! Save your money!

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Loved the book and it's characters. Like all his other books,it has no unnecessary scenery chapters. It is captivating and a real page turner. So,what is the follow up book called?

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Loved it!
I like michael bennett wayyy better than alex cross!!! I thought this book was awesome!!

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Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
I recently had the opportunity to review the audio format of "I, Michael Bennett" by James Patterson. I became familiar with the character of detective
Michael Bennett in “Tick Tock.” I quickly fell in love with the Bennett family. Bennett is a widower with ten adopted children, a beautiful Irish nanny, Mary Catherine, and a grandfather/Priest, Seamus. In this tale Bennett arrests Crime Lord Manuel Perrine. Perrine has long arms and no one is immune from his poison. The readers watch as Bennett’s world begins to fall apart. The Prosecution Attorney makes a play for Bennett. The family is on vacation when two of the kids are injured. The town of Newburgh is overrun with gangs. Mary Catherine has had enough of being taken for granted. Only after she leaves does Bennett realize how much he needs her. In the meantime Perrine promises that Bennett will suffer.
"I, Michael Bennett" is filled with non-stop action. Once again Patterson brings readers a thriller that will keep them eagerly listening. The ending had a twist I wasn’t expecting; it set things up for another Michael Bennett book. My husband and I listened to this one while we were driving, to wonderful advice like “Do the world a favor and get rid of him,” and “do it now or you’ll be sorry.” When hubby gets that animated you know it is a good book. James Patterson is a genius when it comes to plot; I don’t know how he comes up with his numerous ideas but I hope he will keep it up for many more years.

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Great work
James Patterson has not failed me yet. Always well thought out, planned & executed. My #1 favorite author!!!!!.

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