Excursions in the interior of Russia: including sketches of the character and policy of the Emperor Nicholas, scenes in St. Petersburgh, &c. &c

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H. Colburn, 1839 - Russia

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Page 314 - qui auraient fait honneur ŕ Minos, ŕ Numa, et ŕ Solon, s'ils avaient eu assez d'esprit pour les inventer ! ! La plus remarquable est la tolérance universelle ; la seconde est l'abolition de la torture.
Page 481 - and discontented troops and nations— I know not what—a labyrinth of things— A maze of mutter'd threats and mysteries.
Page 15 - Sea-worn and mantled with the gadding vine, But breathes enchantment. Not a cliff but flings
Page 252 - taste is not yet away from our lips, nor are we yet persuaded that the skin has returned to our throats. A plateful of this yellow liquid—it ought not to be called soup—was placed before us, with a scum on its top something like a thin coating of sulphur. Adventurously diving through this surface, what did we
Page 198 - whose wages are as regularly fixed as the per-centages of a broker, enters on her mission in due form. Explanations are given on both sides ; friends are consulted ; negotiations of the most formal nature are carried on. Diplomacy is nothing to it. From unforeseen objections about prospects or
Page 205 - Married women in the middle ranks appear to lead a most listless existence. Without education, and, by the jealous usages of the country, almost prohibited from taking exercise, their chief occupation seems to consist in leaning over the window all day long, with their elbows resting on cushions, and sometimes a poodle dog on each side.
Page 197 - he guesses wrong. Such indelicacy is never heard of in Russia. A man to make love for himself would be contrary to nature ; that is, to Russian nature, which is quite a different thing from human nature
Page 153 - The Russian peasant is satisfied with the plainest food. No people in Europe are so coarsely fed. Their diet consists of the most acrid articles that were ever devised—pickled
Page 197 - take another look ; then, if the honoured fair one still please, the victim ends by making proposals. To whom ? To the young lady to be sure, guesses some impatient
Page 253 - we were more than satisfied—we were humbled, silenced, overcome ; and made a vow before the whole company of strangers, never more to be lured into an attempt to make new discoveries in the adventurous region of Russian dishes.

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