Musical Interpretation, Its Laws and Principles: And Their Application in Teaching and Performing

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Boston Music Company (G. Schirmer, Incorporated), 1918 - Music - 163 pages
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Page 167 - Ebenezer Prout Charles Tree Herbert Antcliffe Reading Exercises on Notes Reading Exercises on Time Reading Exercises on Phrasing Elements of Music, Simply Explained Handbook of Conducting Catechism of the Rudiments of Music Organ Playing : Its Technique and Expression The Child's First Steps in Pianoforte Playing The Forearm-Rotation Principle in Pianoforte Playing Counterpoint: Strict and Free How to Acquire Ease of Voice Production Living Music Rhymes on the Rules of Harmony. Founded on Dr. Prout's...
Page 166 - Cole .60 7 Exercises for Training of the Boy's Voice E. Douglas .60 8 Position and Action in Singing Ed. J. Myer 1.25 9 Vocal Reinforcement " 1.50 10 The Renaissance of the Vocal Art " 1.25 11 Elementary Violin Lessons E. Gruenberg 1.50 12 School of Trio Playing. (Two- voice inventions, with a third voice added and arranged for Organ by Max Reger and Karl Straube) JS Bach .75 13 The Organ Accompaniment of the Church Service HW Richards 1.25 14 The Plain-Song Service E.
Page 166 - Apprentice SERIES I Net 1 Treatise on Harmony, Part I JH Anger 1.25 \a Treatise on Harmony, Part II " 1.25 \b Treatise on Harmony, Part III...
Page 167 - Riemann ea. Catechism of Musical Instruments. (Guide to Instrumentation) " Catechism of Orchestration " Introduction to Playing from Score " The Voice and its Control Churchill Sibley The Tenor Voice and its Training E. Davidson Palmer The Boy's Voice at the Breaking Period " Norris Croker Carl Reinecke Vincent d'Indy S. Macpherson R. Schumann Louis B. Prout Franklin Peterson Net. •25...
Page 166 - Key to Part III, Treatise on Harmony " 1.25 2 The Modern Enharmonic Scale " .30 3 Elementary Theory of Music and Treatment of Chords R. Wuerst .50 4 Studies...
Page 165 - Musical Interpretation, its Laws and Principles, and their Application in Teaching and Performing.
Page vi - Matthay, Tobias Augustus — Continued nevertheless most of the principles here formulated apply with equal force to all other forms of musical performances.' " Book rev. digest Perry, Edward Baxter * Descriptive analyses of piano works, for the use of teachers, players, and music clubs. 1902 Presser $2 786.2 Author aims to give a knowledge of the poetic and dramatic content of many well known piano compositions in order to help the player...
Page 166 - .60 16 Form in Music, with especial reference to the Designs of Instrumental Music " 2.00 17 The Rudiments of Music
Page 2 - Good teaching consists not in trying to make the pupil do things so that the result of his efforts shall seem like playing but consists in trying to make him think, so that it shall really be playing.
Page 166 - Richards 1.25 14 The Plain-Song Service E. Douglas .60 15 Practical Harmony S, Macpherson 2.00 150 Appendix to Practical Harmony

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