FAST FOOD NATION: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

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A tale full of sound, fury, and popping grease.Fattening up a controversial article published in Rolling Stone in 1999, Schlosser considers all the ways in which fast food has lessened the quality of life in America. His chief objection is not that it tastes bad—far from it, he insists, going on to examine, for instance, why McDonald's fries (lauded by the likes of Julia Child and James Beard ... Read full review

Review: Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the AllAmerican Meal

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A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to give in to a Saturday night craving for hamburgers and fries. Sounds simple enough, with more than half a dozen fast food restaurants within 2 miles of our home. But we had to complicate things by wanting to get burgers from a nonchain, nonfranchise, locally owned restaurant. We mentally surveyed the corners and shopping centers in the area and couldn't ... Read full review

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I hate this book its so boring! Had to read it for a project and trust me its not worth your money. I totally wasted $15.

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Is Old MacDonald Dead?
A Review of Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
If you eat, read this book! It will open your eyes to the realities of our modern, industrialized food culture. It is not so much a diatribe against civilization and animal cruelty as it is a spotlight, for our consideration, on the dark side of the mega-sized food industry (which is controlled and dominated by giant corporations) that dictates so many of our food choices and are.
In so many ways, we have it better now than at any time in history. There is more safe, quality food, available to more people than ever before. That is the good news. That bad news is that among those many choices (just imagine the cereal aisle) there is a tremendous amount of garbage – “food” products that damage you physiologically rather than nourish you. We are inundated with products, advertisements, mixed messages about what is “healthy” and what a good food choice is.
Fast Food Nation provides a series of vignettes, that when put together, paint a clear picture of our current food system. Most of us still have an image of a picturesque, rural setting – a barn, some cows, a tractor and a farmer – as the source of our food. The truth is, that most of our “food” is produced in a manner that is little different from how our shoes, clothes, cars and other “stuff” is produced. This essential element of life has become a commodity like any other – subject to the same economic laws as any other product – make it cheaper, sell more of it, grow your market, shrink your clients market share, increase profits, influence decisions through marketing, advertising and emotional manipulation. Think Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger or Toucan Sam – gimmicks to make you buy, to confuse and cloud your judgment – to make your decision emotional.
A rule to live by in, to quote Jack Lalanne: “If Man Made It, Don’t Eat It!” Anything produced by a fast food or chain restaurant, nearly everything that comes in a box or a package (think about the center aisles of the supermarket) is processed and manufactured in a factory. Efficiencies of production demand that in be packaged and processed centrally, filled with preservatives to ensure “freshness” then shipped around the country/world.
Read the nutrition information – can you identify more that a few ingredients on the list? My rule is, if it has more than five ingredients, I don’t eat it. If is has something in it that I cannot pronounce – I do not eat it. Most of the smells, flavors, texture and color in this “food” has nothing to do with the “real” ingredients that are included. The most interesting section of the book was the entire industry that has grown around produces additives to enhance these elements – they add chemicals to alter the “food” – which enhances the flavor and in many cases creates a physiological effect when eaten. Scary!
Eating healthy is not complicated. Mostly it involves not listening to the corporations who process and produce food products. Food products are not food. Food is food. If man made it, don’t eat it!
Peace & God Bless!
PS. There are a lot of great resources available on this topic. For further information, check out: Food, Inc., Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Super Size Me and King Corn.

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I had many issues with this book. Within the first few minutes-no actually seconds, my blood was already boiling. I love sea salt and skiiing and imported Swedish cheese and Joanna Newsom, but I also am an avid supporter of capitalism and our founding fathers vision for america. This book was quite critical of big business (McDonalds, Disney World, etc.), and supported its stance with questionable statistics and only one side of the issue. There was a particular chapter where Schlosser was describing the quickly disappearing independent cattle farmer and the tragedy of the whole situation. He said that we must do something to bring these farmers back. I thought about this for a while, and realized that you could compare an independent cattle farm to a video rental store owner, which you could say is disappearing even more swiftly. If everybody in america disposed of hulu and netflix accounts and red boxes were obselete and the only way we could get movies was to go to these inconvenient and usually ugly, sketchy stores? Would the world really be a better place? Would we really be making progression? Throughout the whole book Schlosser's political logic is flawed. Although this book is well written, I think its ultimate message that all big corporations are greedy and evil is an untruth and Schlosser states the problems plaguing america without giving any adequate solutions.  

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