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I hate this book its so boring! Had to read it for a project and trust me its not worth your money. I totally wasted $15.

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I had many issues with this book. Within the first few minutes-no actually seconds, my blood was already boiling. I love sea salt and skiiing and imported Swedish cheese and Joanna Newsom, but I also am an avid supporter of capitalism and our founding fathers vision for america. This book was quite critical of big business (McDonalds, Disney World, etc.), and supported its stance with questionable statistics and only one side of the issue. There was a particular chapter where Schlosser was describing the quickly disappearing independent cattle farmer and the tragedy of the whole situation. He said that we must do something to bring these farmers back. I thought about this for a while, and realized that you could compare an independent cattle farm to a video rental store owner, which you could say is disappearing even more swiftly. If everybody in america disposed of hulu and netflix accounts and red boxes were obselete and the only way we could get movies was to go to these inconvenient and usually ugly, sketchy stores? Would the world really be a better place? Would we really be making progression? Throughout the whole book Schlosser's political logic is flawed. Although this book is well written, I think its ultimate message that all big corporations are greedy and evil is an untruth and Schlosser states the problems plaguing america without giving any adequate solutions.  

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