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Fast Food Ovation

User Review  - AndyP. - Borders

Schlosser’s masterpiece, Fast Food Nation, opens the public’s eyes to how the fast food industry has shaped and changed America into its present state. Schlosser writes Fast Food Nation unlike most of ... Read full review

Pass this book out at fast food restaurants!

User Review  - Stephie - Borders

I read this book while in college in a very small town (Gunnison, CO) where there is amazingly only ONE McDonalds and no Wendys or other burger chains. Which is a good thing... because after reading ... Read full review

the truth

User Review  - Racho Macho - Borders

This book is truely fascinating and shows what goes on behind closed doors. It talks about things from e-coli outbreaks to what is in our slaughterhouses. It shows the reality of what fast food ... Read full review

Exclsuive Article: McDonald's Exposed!

User Review  - Otaku Cutie - Borders

This book is heavily interesting, and have you flipping pages. He exposes the evils that the fast food industry has done, and is doing to our health and the environment. You may not want to buy a fast ... Read full review

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