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Page 263 - We will walk the world Yoked in all exercise of noble end ! And so through those dark gates across the wild That no man knows ! Indeed, I love thee— Come ! " Finale, from " Le Pont des Soupirs!' Cyril. Singers know How sweetly at a piano A tenor and soprano Together sound.
Page 343 - TRIAL BY JURY. SCENE. — A Court of Justice. BARRISTERS, ATTORNEYS, and JURYMEN discovered with USHER. Chorus. Hark, the hour of ten is sounding ! Hearts with anxious fears are bounding ; Hall of Justice crowds surrounding, Breathing hope and fear — For to-day in this arena, Summoned by a stern subpoena, Edwin, sued by Angelina, Shortly will appear. (The USHER marshals
Page 352 - JUDGE (pianissimo). It was managed by a job ! ALL. And a good job too ! JUDGE. It was managed by a job ! ALL. And a good job too ! JUDGE. It is patent to the mob, That my being made a nob Was effected by a job. ALL. And a good job too ! Enter COUNSEL for PLAINTIFF. COUNSEL
Page 262 - Women are far too precious, too divine To try unproven theories upon. Experiments, the proverb says, are made On humble subjects — try our grosser clay, And mold it as you will ! Cyril. Remember, too, Aweary of the Prince, you can return To Castle Adamant, and rule your girls As heretofore, you know. Prin.
Page 215 - For Gama, let our best spare bed be aired ! For Gama, let our deepest dungeon yawn ! For Gama, lay the costliest banquet out ! For Gama, place cold water and dry bread ! For as King Gama brings the Princess here, Or brings her not, so shall King Gama have— Much more than
Page 357 - down with PLAINTIFF, who is still sobbing on his breast). Picture, then, my client naming And insisting on the day : Picture him excuses framing — Going from her far away ; Doubly criminal to do so, For the maid had bought her trousseau ! ALL. Doubly criminal, &c. COUNSEL (to PLAINTIFF, who weeps}. Cheer up, my pretty — oh, cheer up ! (COUNSEL leads
Page 350 - restored To his friends and his relations. Chorus. And many a burglar, &c. JUDGE. At length I became as rich as the Gurneys — An incubus then I thought her, So I threw over that rich attorney's The rich attorney my character high Tried vainly to disparage-— And now, if you please, I'm ready to try This breach of promise of marriage
Page 213 - None, my liege. Hilde. It's very odd indeed ! If Gama fails To put in an appearance at our court, Before the sun has set in yonder west, And fails to bring the Princess Ida here — To whom our son Hilarión was betrothed At the extremely early age of one — There's war between King Gama and
Page 96 - me of one who claims thy love, That thou hast love for her alone : Alas ! I do not know these things — I only know That Heaven has sent me here to be with thee ! Thou teilest me of duty to thy wife, Of vows that thou wilt love but her ; Alas ! I
Page 258 - Why, this is flat rebellion ! I've no time To talk to them just now ! But happily I can play several instruments at once, And I will drown the shrieks of those that fall With trumpet music such as soldiers love. How stand we with respect to gunpowder? My Lady Psyche — you who superintend The

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