Statistical Papers Based on the Census of England and Wales, 1851: And Relating to the Occupations of the People and the Increase of Population, 1841-51

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author, 1860 - Great Britain - 167 pages
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Page i - ... it is not denied that much remains to be done. The Commissioners have indeed reprinted verbatim the remarks which they made in 1851, and which formed the motto of the work in which the writer's criticisms were embodied, viz. : — " With the knowledge that has now been acquired, a " further enquiry may, we think, be instituted with advantage " into the industry of the country in all its ramifications ; a " nomenclature be laid down ; the various subdivisions of " labour be defined ; and the classification...
Page vi - ... population of Great Britain increased 93'5 percent. ; that of Ireland, however, only 36 per cent. The increase in the United Kingdom from 1841 to 1851 has been 3 per cent- only, making it less than that of some of the old states of Europe. There is a view to be taken even less satisfactory than this. Between 1831 and 1841, there was no county in England which exhibited a decrease in numbers. Between 1841 and 1851, twenty-seven counties in England and Wales, and sixty-six districts of those counties,...
Page vii - The organization of the labour of the country may be considered in reference to the occupations ; or the people may be classified in groups, easily distinguishable, on the principles that have been adopted since the time of Linnaeus in the natural sciences. Great value would undoubtedly attach to an analysis of the existing organization of labour ; under which the people, armed with, capital, tools, and machines, carry on an endless variety of processes — for the conversion of the materials of...
Page 65 - At present only about 5 per cent of the men and 15 per cent of the women who enter teaching make it a permanent career.
Page 67 - Notwithstanding this, 81 per cent, of the men and 50 per cent, of the women testify in favor of men teachers.
Page 64 - Although some men and women without a spouse have someone living with them, 15 per cent of the men and 25 per cent of the women live alone (Table V).
Page 62 - Of those giving information, 58 per cent, of the men and 26 per cent, of the women had done some spare-time work.
Page 38 - Dependent on relatives Person of no stated occupation living on alms Pauper of no stated occupation. Lunatic of no stated occupation Others supported by the community Prisoner of no stated occupation Others of criminal class Vagrant and others in barns, &c.
Page xv - Contributions to it, emanating alike from political or philosophical statists, and from statistical philosophers or politicians, would have the double recommendation of fitness in the class of writers for the tasks assumed, and fitness in the arena of disputation, from its nature admitting the contributions of the practical and active part of the community, and thereby subjecting to a severe test those of the learned.
Page xv - We all participate in both characters; but there is, nevertheless, a well-recognised distinction in this respect between man and man, which should neither be exaggerated nor ignored.

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